Monday, June 1, 2009

Trusting in submission

Thanks for your prayers. Today was an exhausting day. Our social worker has brought a lot of problems and it has been taking a lot out of us--taking me away from home for the past two Mondays, Zane's only day off. Please pray that all of the necessary paperwork will be finalized tomorrow (our lawyer is coming out to make sure it all happens). Added to this is that the High Court adjourns for a two month holiday in July and August.

As for a Jack update, I have left the decision in the hands of my husband. This is hard for me but I know that it is what the Lord desires as I have been asked to honor and submit to my husbands authority and decisions. With that said, he knows my heart and leading in this situation. I would ask that you pray for our family, that in all we do God would be glorified and lifted high!


Joyful Mom said...

ABSOLUTELY!!!! You are being prayed for here in CO.

love2bmom said...

And here in Colorado as well!