Sunday, May 31, 2009

More from Andrew Murray

"Parents have often been bitterly disappointed in their children; when they were young they could feel so deeply and speak so beautifully, but they had not lived long before all was lost. It was probably because parents trusted to what was a blessed but still only a feeble beginning. They did not watch over the evil influences which the young plant could not yet resist. They allowed the spirit of the world to enter their own religious life or their friends; they allowed company and pleasure and the enjoyment of the world to choke the good seed. Or they failed to supply the needful nourishment. There was not, as the child grew up, the personal speaking of the blessed Jesus, the helping to faith and obedience by the fellowship and example of warm, living Christianity. The child's faith disappeared because the parents hindered him in coming to Jesus."
Page 172 in 'How to Raise your Children for Christ.'

What kind of seeds are we planting in our children and how are we cultivating that which has already began to grow?

As I read through Luke 8:5-8 I must ask myself the above questions and meditate on the words of Andrew Murray, have I allowed anything into our home that may be choking out the seed in my children's lives and am I letting the seed grow in the likeness of the Lord or am I trying to make it look like another seed?

May I let my children grow to produce hundredfold!

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Kathy said...

Wow! I have never heard of this book, and my children are raised, but this looks like a book that would be a treasure. This is a quote worth thinking on. I want to find this book and share it with my children. Thank you for sharing!