Monday, August 18, 2008

Our weakness for His strength

More and more in my walk with the Lord, I am learning that "in my weakness the Lord is made strong." Many of you know that my health is all over the place. By this, I mean, I have struggled with the ill effects of hypothyroidism and celiac disease. And although it took nearly two years to diagnose and two trips back to America, we are grateful that I am now well--thanks to medication and a strict diet. In the midst of my weakness the Lord called us to adopt Eliza and Ezra (when it was not yet known what I had). It seemed crazy, but again, in my weakness the Lord made strong.

Over the past month I have been plagued by a dull ache in my back and lower abdomen along with nausea and fatigue. We finally made it to the Dr. yesterday and a scan revealed that I have a benign cyst on my ovary. Because the cyst poses no threat at this point, I have to wait it out and pray that it goes away on its own. Again, with six little ones to shepherd, my weakness MUST be exchanged for His strength.

I beleive that the Lord is continually bringing me to a point where I must realize that I am so utterly dependent on Him! Our weakness for His strength.


a woman found said...

Oh my dear sister. WE have MUCH in common. I often say, "Lord, you chose the weakest woman in the world for this job." He proves His grace is enough through me, though often I find myself wanting some of "my own" strength- how foolish of me! I'm praying for you and am so encouraged by your heart which is after His.


BETHANY said...

You know, if it's not health issues, then it's something else. The Lord is faithful to show us how much we need him!!

Crystal said...

Praying for you tonight!!!

Captivated said...

asking for an extra measure of grace for you, sister.