Tuesday, August 19, 2008

"Bless her heart"

Eliza was in one of her "tired" moods, thanks to a full day in the city yesterday, so I asked her to go and lay down. But notice, she is sound asleep on the wood pallets. Mercy wet the bed and the mattress was outside drying--the two are sleeping together until we find a good, sturdy bunkbed. I had totally forgotten.

Bless her heart, she obeyed mommy!

"Train up a child in the way he/she should go." In the origonal Greek, it reads, train up a child in accordance to how God has fashioned him/her. I am daily seeking the Lord as I raise my children. Asking for wisdom from on High as I seek to know "how they have been fashioned."

Eliza does not think outside the box. She was told to go lay down. And even though there were two other beds in the small bedroom with mattresses, she went straight to "her" bed. I can find her getting very frustrated when she is told to do something that she is unsure how to do or asked to do it in a way that she is not used to.

We know that God has plans for each of our children. May we not lay heavy burdens upon them but rather seek the Lord and lead them in "accordance to how they were fashioned."


Emily said...

Thats so sweet, what a good girl! I didn't recieve your email?? Not sure what happened there. You can email me at emily_wickham@yahoo.com. Sorry I know with all these little ones writing a lengthy email was time consuming!! :)

God Bless

a woman found said...

Bless her heart indeed!

I like the insight you have about her possible struggles with doing things she finds hard or different.

I'm also praying for wisdom on how to train my children in the direction God has bent them.

The Frechette's said...

Summer!! I'm so glad you found me :) I've been meaning to email you but have been gone for a while. Your blog is truly an encouragement and a blessing. It's also nice to know how we cam be praying for you guys!!!
Much love in Christ, Crystal

...Is Johnson said...

Hi Summer. I was reading your post from Monday. We have so much in common. I too have cyst(s) on my ovaries, and i am praying for the Lord's strength. Most importantly right now, I want His blessing. I want the discipline and the lessons that i am supposed to learn from this. It gets very difficult. I would like to know more about you diet. there's lots i can identify with you about. i will be praying for you my sister. May your "limp" (in reference to Jacob who wrestled with God) bring God glory.


JLW said...

What a darling little sweetheart! It almost brings tears to my eyes to think of how adorable that is that she would lay in her bed - even without a mattress!!!!!