Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Callling all intercessors.


Zane is in Gulu...awaiting tomorrow's court date...with Elizabeth, Ezra and Elianah in tow.


Most of you know that the judge did not show last month...but our social worker did...it was recorded and the social worker does not need to show this time around.


That the new judge will be present...hear our "cut and dry" case...and give a favorable ruling.


For our lawyer...that she will be well versed in all our children's situations...and present our case with wisdom and understanding.


That a court date will be officially set for the next three chilren...Elyssa, Enoch and Ethan...and that Elyssa's birth father will be present {he already gave up his parental rights when we obtained legal guardianship of Elyssa back in 2009}.


That we will be united, at least partially, very soon.


Mama D’s Dozen said...

You. Got. It.

Praying here in WA.

Laurel :)

JG said...

Praying in TX!

Jenay said...


Jenay said...


Anonymous said...

Praying in New York. He will be glorified!

Marci said...

Praying and fasting!

Tyler Gooden said...

Praying in NY!

Curly Headed Family said...

My three oldest children each chose one specific child to pray for tonight. They all chose to pray for the judge as well. Loving your family in prayer!!

chavafor4 said...

Praying in OR. Please update us when you can.