Saturday, September 8, 2012

Adoption of recent.

"So that your faith might not rest on the wisdom of man but in the power of God."  1 Corinthians 2:5

Dear faithful partners in the gospel,

The above verse is one that we continue to go back to as we watch the whirlwind of our life unfold.  Indeed the Lord could have prepared us to leave Uganda a year ago, but He chose not to.  Instead, He is asking us to have faith in His power.  And already we are seeing that play out daily.  

Ministry in Kitgum:

A year ago God was already preparing a family from New York to take over the ministry base in Kitgum.  Tyler, Jennifer and their five children are in the middle of "gathering" a support team.  It is their hearts desire to be in Kit*um by the end of this year, if not sooner.  Please pray for this family as they too step out in faith, relying on the power of God to settle them in a new land and a new culture.


Our first court date proved to be dissapointing as the judge did not show...very typical in Ug*nda.  A new court date of September 19th has been set.  The first hearing is for the full and final adoption of Elizabeth, Ezra and Elianah.  Our lawyer is going to be submitting Ethan, Elyssa and Enoch's files within the next week or so, Lord willing.  Ephraim's case is being handled by a lawyer in Ka*pala.  That leaves four children who still need legal documents for traveling.  At this point we are waiting and praying about the best route. However, their files are complete, with every legal document that we need for legal guardianship/adoption.  This is no easy feat as we have to meet the lawful requirements for both Ug*nda and US adoption laws.  Our faith rests in the power of God, as He moves on the hearts of all that will be involved in these cases.  We would ask that you continue to intercede on behalf of our family.  Too many, this seems next to impossible, but the Lord asks us to do just that...this morning I was reading about Joshua and the people marching around the walls of seemed crazy to march around a city for seven days...but it was their faith that God was interested in.

For those churches who are taking part in raising the funds to bring our children to the states, please note that we are setting aside those funds and using it solely on adoption expenses {i.e. lawyer fees, documents/processing fees, etc.}.  Once the adoptions are finalized, we will use the remaining funds on immigration fees and airfare costs.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

Life in Oregon:

Summer, Eryn and Ezekiel have settled into life in much as they can.  Eryn and Ezekiel will be attending their first ever "school."  Roseburg Christian Fellowship has opened Calvary Academy, a small {20 students} Christ centered school for children within the fellowship.  Please pray for them as they adjust to something else new...there have been so many firsts for them.  Summer's health continues to be a battle.  She has still not put on any weight, has frequent joint pain and fatigue.  She is working with a general practioner in the area as well as naturopath in a bigger city an hour away.  Please pray that both doctors will have wisdom and insight into Summer's case.

We are excited to watch the Lord work in our ways we never expected.

Fellow Ambassador's,
The McCourtney's


Tresta Payne said...

Praying for all the processes, Summer. God is so big and He has ample opportunity to work in your family. I would love to visit you more(we met briefly at camp in Camas Valley this summer - and I'm so happy to tell you that my little Ethan accepted the Lord a few weeks ago!). I'm praying big grace for you and eyes open to all His wonderful works.

Oldqueen44 said...

Praying for your family

Oldqueen44 said...

praying for your family