Monday, August 13, 2012

Because Marci asked...

"How can people help?"

We are thanking God that He is going to do a miracle.  

Just like Jesus thanked God for raising Lazarus from the dead before the fact.

Thank you God that You are going to sway the hearts of...

The Judges.

The US Embassy.


The local officials.

Thank you God for providing for every cent that will be needed to pay for...

The lawyer fees.

The court fees.

The immigration fees.

Plane tickets.

Thank you God for burdening the church.

And He is.

Our sending church has been amazing.

The support.



And, listen to what the Lord is this is being used to strengthen the churches all over America.

A fellowship in Hawaii heard our story and were moved.

Not only have they committed to meet the financial needs of one child; they are sharing our story with other churches.  This was a total move of the Spirit.  We are not "fundraisers" nor are they!

So Marci, how can you help?


If the Lord leads you to give.


There is a paypal link on our sidebar.


 A link to our supporting church.  

Giving through the church is tax deductible.  Just follow the link, find the mailing address, write a check and address a note that it is for The McCourtney's adoption expenses.


 Through our story the church is going to be strengthened, God is going to be glorified and unbelievers are going to see God's goodness.

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Marci said...

Wow... thanks! We will pray and ask how God would have us help... but our prayers and love are lifted up daily for you and all your children!