Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Rain and Roping.

Spending the afternoons {as long as its dry} jump roping has become the biggest craze around here! 

These children are amazing!

It is officially the rainy season.  115 degree days have been replaced with cold {75 degree} and rainy evenings, which could last from anywhere from a few hours to all night.  Either way, this Oregon girl is enjoying it...for the most part.  

Because our style of living resembles "glorified camping," the wetness can bring its own set of challenges.

Such as bedrooms teeming with clothes lines.

Huts being flooded.

Or the yard being washed away.

Even the Guinea Fowl are annoyed.

Honestly, we are so very blessed.  The rainy season ushers us into a time of planting.  We have been able to hire three to four ladies from the village each day to come and help us dig/plant.  So far we have greens {collards}, maize and peanuts in the ground, with the maize and greens already sprouting.

The earth bag store house is still under way, as is the perimeter wall.  

Two water cisterns have been dug, plastered and piped, all ready to collect the abundance of water which falls daily.  All of this work, through the Lords provision, has allowed us to hire at least 8 men each day.  Our little two acres is a very, very busy place.  But best of all, Jesus Christ is being preached and men are getting saved/discipled!


Shonni said...

Love to see a glimpse into your life! Praying for a good harvest!

RACHEL said...

Oh my, rainy season washes away everything! I love seeing a bit of life in your part of the world

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

PRAISE GOD for MINISTRY!! Your children and those around you!!! LOVE IT :)

;-) said...

The weather change is amazing. I hope you are able to get the thatch to resist water beter. Enjoy seeing pictures of your little ones.