Thursday, April 12, 2012

Ministry and malaria.

Ministry continues to keep us all busy.  Zane spends his days overseeing construction on the farm and his evenings/weekends sharing the Word of God.  As the church body grows in the knowledge of the scriptures new "issues" are brought to light.  Recently, as we have been studying through the books of Acts, deacons were brought to attention.  After expounding on the role of a deacon in the church, Zane encouraged the church to write down the name of someone in the body who exemplified the qualities of a deacon and place it in a basket.  Last Sunday we did our best to interpret what people wrote down--most of which was written in Acholi.  It will be nice for Zane to have a deacon to help him with the Sunday morning church set-up, as well as keeping things running smoothly during the teaching/Sunday school.  Please pray for us as a church body as Zane makes the final decision, that the Lord would clearly show him who He has already chosen.

The village church continues to grow with youth/children.  It is quite disheartening that the adults who seemed interested in the Word of God last year have gotten caught up with the cares of the culture.  Please pray for the youth, that they will become grounded in the scriptures.  Also pray for Ryan, one of the young men part of our ministry team, as he spends most weeks alone in the village teaching the youth.

Home ministry continues to produce fruit.  We have seen a neat work in the hearts of our children.  Spiritual battles seem to be less fierce.  A new willingness for the things of God has appeared.  Please pray for genuine hearts turning to God!

Malaria season is upon us. So far myself, Zane, Brianna and Eden have been hit {yes all three adults all hit within a few days of one another}.  Thankfully I was the only one "down for the count."  Please pray that we would be protected from malaria.

Hut life continues to go well.  We have discovered that the roofs need to settle a little with the rains, which really means we have had to deal with a lot of leaks!

We are still waiting for the official visit by the ministry of gender.  Because we are a unique case, we are a target for all sorts of speculation.  Please pray for us, that we would be like a city of a hill, or in our case, a city in a village.  Also, we feel it is time to begin the adoption process for the first three children we brought home back in 2006 and 2008.  Please pray that we would find a good lawyer and in the midst of it all trust the Lord to provide for all of our needs.

P.S. A neat photo taken by a guest.


"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...


Thank you for the updates....let's me know how to pray more specifically!

Treasures Evermore said...

The font on this post was so bad, I couldn't read it. Am I the only one that noticed...maybe I'm having blog issues. It was came out very tiny.

Acceptance with Joy said...

Thanks for the update. Sorry for the sickness, but God is watching over you all and He cares. Prayers for your recovery and ministry.

We Are Family said...


Mama D’s Dozen said...

So fun to see that all of my Bloggy Friends are also the ones that comment on your blog. :)

I wrote a post on an Adoption Parenting Challenge (Conflict Avoidance) today, that I would love to get your thoughts/insights on. I always appreciate the wisdom and experience that you share.

Hope and pray that the malaria bug passes soon.

Laurel :)

Selah Martin said...

Summer and Zane: I love the latest pictures of your new home(s). really looks wet and muddy. I bet the kids have lots of fun playing in it. :) I got a kick out of the shot with the clothes line running through the hut. All my growing up years, our home never had a dryer....(and I'm not THAT old) had a folding wooden clothes drying stand that we hung all of our wet clothes on. Come oh man....took forever for those jeans to dry in front of our little wall heater. However, I wouldn't have traded those experiences and memories for anything. May God bless you and your "ever expanding brood" as you enjoy the cooler temperatures and the wet blessings from heaven. :) We pray for a quick recovery for all of you from malaria. :) See you in June....Charlene