Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Its more than a Land, so much more!

Last year an amazing fellowship in Ashland, Oregon came together and blessed us with the funds to purchase a second Land Cruiser.  Our plan for this second vehicle was focused on the farm ministry, transporting crops.  God had another plan....this vehicle is now a TRANSPORTER of the GOSPEL!

Two weeks ago a villager in Lotodore needed to be transported to the hospital in Kitgum.  He was very old and very bad off.  His wife was afraid, having never left the bush.  Needless to say, they were brought into town and dropped off at the Mission Hospital.  During the drive, Jesus Christ was presented and the old man was born again right then and there.  

Today, while in Lotodore for the weekly fellowship, Zane got a call from the family that the old man had died and they had no way of transporting the body from the hospital back to the village.  Knowing that our lives are not our own, and neither is the land cruiser, Zane agreed to drive back into Kitgum, pick up the body and transport it back to the village for a proper burial.  All in a days work {or ministry}.  Upon dropping off the body, which I should mention was not properly "prepared" {the stench was repulsive and the sight was disheartening considering half his face and feet were exposed}, the family asked if Zane would "pray for the dead."  This being a catholic ritual, Zane declined the offer but went on to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with the entire family.  

Please pray for the ministry here in Northern Uganda.  Pray for strength as the laborers are few.  Pray for the thousands who live in darkness, that through the hearing of the gospel they will come into the Light.  

When you give to the Lord you are giving towards the furtherance of the gospel.

Need a ride to church?  Sure, we can fit at least twenty five people in the Land Cruiser!


"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

AMEN!!!!!! Oh how I love hearing HIS works through your ministry!!! Praise God for another brother in Christ and the opportunity to witness!!!!

Amanda said...

I love this post!! What a blessing. Funny that we think we know what we need. God loves us and supplies us with what we need, but oh so often He does so knowing His intentions are different from ours! He has a plan and how He uses us is an incredible thing to see!! Thanks for the pictures so we can "see" too!!

Treasures Evermore said...

What a gift from the Lord.

Thanks for sharing.