Wednesday, July 27, 2011


 These past few weeks the children have taken a break from science and learned the art of soccer!  We decided to teach them the skills {kicking, passing, etc} before playing an actual game.  This proved to be very beneficial, especially considering that most of the children could barely kick the ball, let alone pass it. 

 The first game was a blast.

The children used their new found skills and enjoyed a great game of soccer.

The Jesus Lives vs the Jesus Rocks.

Our official referee, Bri!

We even had cheerleaders.
Having a lot of children is so much fun...most of the time :)


Anonymous said...

LOVE it!

Love your kids!

God is good-and soccer (sports) teaches them so much more than just the skill of kicking and passing.

Wonderful to see them in action!

kaylee said...

LOVE the team names!

Jennifer said...

Thinking of you while Zane is gone. LOVE the cheerleaders. A plethora of lessons learned on the soccer field, I am sure! :)

Michelle A said...

Ha! This is awesome! You have your own team complete with cheerleaders!
Praying for stamina and peace for you while Zane is gone (and always) :)