Saturday, July 23, 2011

Harvesting tomatoes.

One of the ministries that the Lord is using to open doors for the gospel is farming.

You can read more under the farming tab above.

This past week I went to check on one of our village farms.

What was meant to be a quick check on the tomato plants and a visit with the villagers turned into 2+ hours of harvesting {to say I was not dressed right would be an understatement--a skirt, dress shirt and flip-flops}.

We are thankul for the opportunity to assist a village that was once devstated by the LRA rebels.

Please pray for the hearts of the people, that they would find hope and healing through salvation.

Also, please join us in prayer as we seek the Lord for continued provisions.

1 comment:

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

WOW that is great!
Well....not the not dressed for it part :)
Continuing prayers for your family and the ministry that is happening. For people's hearts to turn towards the Lord and all HE has for them!!!