Monday, June 13, 2011

Its all about the gospel.

"Keep the gospel then, more and more and more.  Give the people Christ, and nothing but Christ.  Satiate them, even though some of them should say that you also nauseate them with the gospel.  At every meal, set out the salt without prescribing how much {and their are creatures who cannot endure salt}, give them all the more of it, for this is according to your Lords mind."
Spurgeon in 'An all Around Ministry'

What amazing works the Lord is able to do when we keep it all about the gospel.

The demon possessed are set free*.

A muslim is delivered from darkness.

The sick are made well.

A new converts brother gives his life to Christ.

Land is given for a church {hut}.

These are just a few of the ways the gospel has gone forth this past week!

Please pray for Monica*, Richard, little Gabriel, Mark's brother and the establishment of the church land in Lotodore.

Fellow Ambassador's in Northern Uganda,
The McCourtney's


Laura Dodson said...

Praise God! Have had y'all and Sudan on my heart lots lately--prayin'. Glad to see the reports of God's faithfulness to increase the church, draw souls unto Him, seeking the lost. Happy news.

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...


Love hearing about the ministry God has planted and the growth and struggles. PRAYING with you in Christ!!!