Thursday, May 26, 2011

God alone brings success.

Emma was our first foster son {we are in the process of adopting the rest of our children}.

We knew that he would be with us only for a season, the time it took for God to heal his sick body.

Heal his body, God did!

It was amazing to watch.

However, we could not help but notice that Emma's heart longed for his birth daddy and siblings.

This proved to be true yesterday, as I, Summer, brought Emma back to his family.

What a joy to see him light up at their sight.

I got to spend nearly 3 hours watching Emma being loved on by those he missed.

Eating a meal.


Knowing that God alone brought about this success.

Thank you for praying for Emma.

Please continue to pray for his daddy, that he would continue to read the bible we gave him.

And lead his family in the truth.

Emma and one of his older brothers.

P.S. Just for a reminder. This was Emma the day we brought him home, six months ago.


Susan A said...

It's beautiful that Emma's being taken care of, I'm sure you'll be missing him. Thanking Him that Emma is alright now and yes praying that his father will follow the Lord through His word and that he'll be with people who will help him grow in Him.

Michelle A said...

Oh, he is precious. It must have been hard to give him back! Praying for his family...

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

WOW praise GOD for his recovery and that he was able to go back to his family too. I know as a foster parent it is really hard even when you know they are going back- PRAYING for you too! So glad and we will continue to pray for his recovery and family!!

Amanda said...

We fostered for years and it really is possible to love a child and be able to return them to thier family. The joy is in sustaining and giving that child certianly did that with Emma! That sweet little body is healthy and ready to meet life with his family again! What an example of God's love you are my friend!!