Thursday, November 4, 2010

"Will you come back and teach us more?"

Thank you for interceding on behalf of the team.  They made it back, stinky, dirty, exhausted and spent for the sake of the gospel.  Zane came down with malaria while on the trip, but was strengthened to press on and preach the Good News, despite!  Many of the people were receptive and a handful put their faith in Christ. 

One village asked Zane, "will you come back and teach us more?"  

Zane is already shepherding two flocks with plans to start shepherding a third.  Truly, the laborers are few. Please pray for the Lord of the harvest to send out more laborers.  Also, pray for great wisdom and strength as Zane allows the Lord to be "poured out" through his life.

I would also covet your prayers as I spend many days out of the week ministering at home {to 12 children} without my "head."  The Lord has been so faithful to equip me for this task.  However, I can easily forget who my Equipper is.

How grateful we are for those of you who have been called to partner with us as the Lord reaches His people here in Northern Uganda.  We believe the end times are at hand--and we long to be about the Father business.

Ambassadors for Christ,
Zane, Summer and the 12

The people listening to the "Proclaimer."

P.S. There is an amazing little ministry that provides a device called the "Proclaimer" free of charge to servants who are willing to take it out to villages/un-reached peoples.  These devices are solar powered and have recorded the entire New Testament--perfect for people who are unable to read their own language.  We currently have two Proclaimers, one in Acholi and one on Karamojong.  


lauradodson said...

the home where our boys are from also has village ministries where bible study, preaching, and serving are carried out. they just got 2 proclaimers as well and are already seeing fruit!

Praise God for this technology!

We Are Family said...

Praise the Lord!

Michelle A said...

How exciting that they are so hungry for the word!

~walkbyfaith~ said...

Sweet! A proclaimer in Karamojong! We have been talking about getting several of these. We have the Bible in Karamojong on our computer but it would be nice on a proclaimer! Praying for you!

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

HOW AMAZING!!!! LOVE praying for you all- this is so inspiring!!! :)