Sunday, October 31, 2010

Out they go!

A team from Calvary Chapel Kampala {the capitol city} arrived last night.

Two Ugandans, one Rwandese, one Nigerian, one Indian and one American!

After the morning service here in Kitgum, they headed out to the village church--Lotodore Christian Fellowship.  

Please pray for their safety as they travel--the Lord fixed the Cruiser just in time--which is so like Him.  

Tomorrow they plan to go out and minister "hut to hut."  

On Tuesday, they are going to be venturing into the un-reached villages of the Karamoja {again, please pray for safety}.  

There is also going to be a showing of the Jesus Film in both the Acholi and Karamoja languages.

What a humbling privilege to be ministering in the far reaches of Northern Uganda.


Mama in Uganda said...

Thanks for your prayers.

I am not sure why come of you are unable to leave comment.

I will work on that!

Jeanniebird said...

Praying Summer and Zane - that our wonderful, merciful Savior with protect and guide.

Michelle A said...

How wonderful to have this team of different nationalities coming together in Christ! Praying for a great move of the Spirit and for protection as they travel and minister