Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Family and reality.

At a museum.

Finding baby frogs with thier cousin.

In Grandma's garden.

At another museum.

My Family.

Smores at the neighbors pool {a mini water park}.

This time "away" has been such a blessing--rest and refreshment. However, reality set in when I got a call from Zane this morning. He shared with me about a boy who he found on the side of the road. He is mentally retarted and his parents treated him like an animal. He lost two toes due to gang green and if Zane had not picked him up he would have more than likely lost both feet.  He was being starved to death, wieghing no more than 30-40 pounds {he is 12 years old}.  Zane was able to find a home that was willing to care for this precious soul {a home run by a 60+ year old woman from New Zealand--who is already carrying for over 100 children}.  Please pray.


blessedmomto8 said...

I WANT THAT POOL :) you all look SO HAPPY! God Bless friend!

sasha parker said...

Praying for that sweet boy. My heart breaks for him.

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

That pool does look amazing, love that you are being refreshed! Praying for more too.

Will also pray for that sweet boy. Why do people not understand that every child is GOD's? Breaks my heart.

natali said...

praying for that precious little guy.

Holly said...

The dichotomy is great isnt it? Our life here, real life over there?
Praying for this boy.
Come quickly Lord Jesus!

Shonni said...

It is good to hear from you.
How very sad for that precious child!!!!

Laura said...

That poor boy. Thankful to hear God provided him a place of safety and nourishment. :o(

On the other hand, you may now place your gold star on your chart on the blogging fridge. Good work.

And I want that pool. WOW. Glad you are having a blessed time.

Donna said...

So glad you are having a good time and seem to be getting some rest.

Praise God a home was found for the little boy. Praying for him

You anywhere near us in S. Oregon? email me if you are. Would be great to meet.

Marsha said...

Omgoodness, Summer....I was so happy to see a post from you, but the news of that boy has me broken. Great to see you looking so happy and if we could just get all the world's children in the same condition, huh? Unbelievable...I'll be praying for him! Don't forget your blog! :-)

We Are Family said...

Great look so peaceful!

Prayers for the young boy.

Sophie said...

How heart breaking for that sweet boy. I will pray for him. Glad your resting and enjoying, you deserve it!!

Kaylin said...

Hey summer! oh you were in bend! where are you now?
i miss you all so much!


Kaylin said...

Oh woops sorry! Your probably back home now! Well I will be praying for you! Your family is so beautifully blessed! Keep sharing the love of Jesus Christ!
Give everyone hugs for all of us here in america!