Friday, August 13, 2010

We have arrived.

Ahhh...the blissful feeling of 13 hours of sleep, in a bed!

Thanks for all your prayers. 

We arrived to my parents home last night after 27 hours of traveling.

All three flights were a breeze. 

And guess what the Lord did?

Our first little one hour flight from Northern Uganda to Entebbe cost us....


It has been amazing to watch the Lord show us His mighty provision.

Today I went to the bank to clear up the issue we had two months ago--when our debit account number was stollen and used to make purchases well beyond the cards limit.  I am so thankful for such a wonderful bank.

Then, my mom handed me $200--another anonymous gift that was to be used ONLY for myself {a hard thing for this mama}.  But, I did manage to find some very cute new outfits--which are now being washed and dried in a machine, with fabric sofetener!

Nana took Eryn and Ezekiel to the pool, and I am relaxing on a soft leather couch in an air conditioned house.

Would you please pray with me as I prepare a word from the Word to share with an amazing little body of believers this Sunday.  And for the children and Zane {he said they were all weeping when mama got on the airplane}.  It is good to know I am loved :-)

P.S. I also wanted to share again how humbly blessed and thankful I am for each of you who sent packages to my parents house--I was in awe as I went through them last night.


natali said...

praying that He gives you a word! :) and for the children and your husband.
by the way, praise GOD for the plane ticket!!!!

lauradodson said...

YAY you're here! Welcome to of plenteous a/c.

Enjoy enjoy enjoy.

Relax relax relax.

Hugs to you and prayers for all.

I love to see God work. He amazes me.

Holly said...

:) Thank you God for every provision, for your lavish love and for this time of refreshment!

Shauna said...

WElcome Home!

Gary and Michelle said...

I am pleased that you made it safely. Hoping you have a wonderful, refreshing time with your family and friends in the States.


JG said...

Glad you made it safely! Have a wonderful time with your family!

Kathy said...

Praying for times of refreshing with your family and friends. And may you be a blessing as you share with others.

Michelle A said...

Thank you for sharing all that God is doing. It's so encouraging! Praying that the Lord would fill your cup to overflowing and refresh you while you're here!!

danielle-laryn said...

so glad you made it back safely- enjoy your refreshment time!