Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Psychotherapy/psychoanalysis--an open door for demonic influence.

I am about to begin a series of posts that I have been preparing for for quite some time.  I have spent time in the Word, studying and seeking the Lord. And I am fully convinced that I have been been called to expose a destructive lie of the enemy that is crept into Christians families and "defend the faith
 {Jude 3}."

I do not write out of ignorance. Unfortunately, I was once exposed to many of the "demonic" practices that I am going to speak about. 

First off we must come to the realization that psychology {and all that it entails} is not a science but rather theories/false religion that declares to do what only God, the Creator of man is capable of accomplishing in the heart/mind/soul of man.

"God alone searches the heart of man [Romans 8:27}."

"Let God transform you into a new person by the renewing of your mind {Romans 12:2}."

"God has given us a sound mind {2 Timothy 1:7}."

"I (God) will put my laws on their mind, and write them on their hearts {Hebrews 8:10}.

"They demonstrate that God's law it written on their hearts, for their own conscience and thoughts either accuse them or tell them they are doing right {Romans 2:15}."

Even a well known psychiatrist, Sigmund Koch agrees that Psychology is based on theories when he is quoted as saying, "the hope of psychological science became indistinguishable from the fact of psychological science. The entire subsequent history of psychology can be seen as a ritualistic endeavor to emulate the forms of science in order to sustain the delusion that it already is a science” (The American Scholar, Autumn 1973, p. 66). Consequently, even secular psychologists recognize that psychology began as a theory, has never advanced beyond a theory, and will remain a theory. That exposure continues today.]

Psychology, by its own definition is, "the study of human mental {mind} functions and behavior."  However, as stated in Dave Hunt's book, The Seduction of Christianity,

"Psychology pretends to offer answers which, even if it were a science, it could never give.  We have no quarrel with chemistry, medicine, or physics, but with psychology's pretense to scientifically deal with the heart of man, who is a spiritual being made in the image of God.  To attempt to  understand and deal with human behavior "scientifically" denies man's free will and spiritual nature.  If consciousness, personality, and human reaction can be scientifically or physiologically explained, then to say "I love you" would be no more meaningful than to say, "I have a stomach ache."  Love and joy, as well as a sense of justice, beauty, and meaning, would all be the product of natural processes governed by scientifically explicable laws, and thus meaningless {Seduction of Christianity, Dave Hunt}."

Dave Hunt goes on to say, "science can deal with such things as nutritional deficiencies or chemical imbalances in the brain, but it has nothing to say about the mind, which is non physical. Moreover, psychology not only pretends to bring "science" to bear on problems which it can not even define, much less solve, but it claims to meet the needs that the bible alone can provide.  Thus, psychology in it fullest sense is a rival religion that can never be wedded to Christianity.  Furthermore, psychotherapy involves the danger that is implicit in all false religions: Those who practice it open themselves to all manner of demonic delusion {pg. 192}.

We can conclude, therefore, that psychology {and all that it entails} is a religion based on theories.  And that those who come under its "power" are opening themselves up to the influence of demons.  

A world renown psychiatrist, E. Fuller Torrey declares, "the techniques used by Western psychiatrists are, with few exceptions, on exactly the same scientific plane as techniques used in witch-doctors."  This is telling indeed!

In Deuteronomy 18, the Lord says this to His people, "When you enter the land the Lord your God is giving you, be careful not to imitate the detestable customs of the nations living there.  For example, never sacrifice your sons and daughters to pass through the fire.  Do not practice fortune telling, or use sorcery, or interpret omens, or engage in witchcraft, or cast spells, function as mediums or psychics... {v. 9-11}."

In my next post, I will talk about the history of psychology/psychotherapy {and all that it entails} and its pioneers such as Carl Rogers who "pioneered the move away from traditional psychoanalysis, and developed client-centered psychotherapy, which recognizes that “each client has within him or herself the vast resources for self-understanding, for altering his or her self-concept, attitudes, and self-directed behavior—and that these resources can be tapped by providing a definable climate of facilitative attitudes.”  It is of great importance to note that Carl Rogers grew up in a strong 
Christian family, but after an "experience "questioned his basic religious views.  It was once said of him, "religion’s loss was, of course, psychology’s gain."

Please, seek the Lord for wisdom and insight if you are currently placing yourself or your children under the demonic influence of psychotherapy {and all that it entails}.


JG said...

I am very interested to read your posts. I am curious, though, based on this one. Do you see a difference between psychoanalysis and psychotherapy in terms of usefulness? I always thought the two were pretty much intertwined.

Shauna said...

Good post Summer!

A family being transformed said...


Yes, I believe, based on my research, that both go hand in hand.

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a great post. It really got me thinking. I never believed in psychotherapy but many Christian counselors of today do basicly the same things.

This also reminds me of another "science" that has never gone beyond theory, namely evolution. Too many Christians have been duped by that as well.

Your post makes sense. I look forward to reading more.

Jim and April said...

i very much looking forward to this...i have always wondered about this!

Jen said...


I look forward to reading this series.

When we approached our first (Liberian sib. group of 3) adoption, I felt like the Lord was leading us to avoid reading all of the "research" and to just focus on biblical parenting. While we read a few things to prepare for what would come, we found that a focus on bringing their will into submission while encouraging and restoring their hearts and being constantly available and consistent (to build trust) led to 3 children who had every "symptom of RAD" being completely "healed" in about 2 years. Of course ALL of this was covered in HUGE amounts of prayer and spiritual battles!

Really, they weren't "healed" from "RAD" (the psychological description).

I believe they were redeemed by Jesus

- they now have cheerful hearts that trust rather than hurting, crushed spirits of distrust


- they have hearts obedient and honoring to their parents and God rather than rebellious spirits (which is likened in Scripture to witchcraft - and I believe it. . . if you had seen what we saw!)

Love you and can't wait to someday meet you (trip to Uganda maybe?)


A family being transformed said...


Amen, amen, amen. We too chose to use Gods word alone, and of course continue to do.

Oh yes, we have seen demonic oppression exhibited in a few of our children--and it took a lot of prayer, laying on of hands, fasting and the like. But, the battle is worth the victory!!!

P.S. What is this "trip to Uganda?" My front door is open to welcome you :-)

A family being transformed said...


Amen, amen, amen. We too chose to use Gods word alone, and of course continue to do.

Oh yes, we have seen demonic oppression exhibited in a few of our children--and it took a lot of prayer, laying on of hands, fasting and the like. But, the battle is worth the victory!!!

P.S. What is this "trip to Uganda?" My front door is open to welcome you :-)

laurad said...


praying as well.

Goodness and Mercy Mom said...

Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts and convictions. Oh how easily the enemy tricks us into letting our guard down with beautiful packaging labeled "science." I have seen firsthand the negative affects of psychotherapy but had no idea how dangerous it could be.

I can't wait to read more of your thoughts about psychotherapy, but would also love to hear more about helping hurting children heal through a biblical approach (as you were discussing with Jen). I'm sure you have such wisdom that would encourage other adoptive parents.

Hope all is well with you and your sweet family!

God Bless,

We Are Family said...

I agree. We have been told by several people in the adoption arena to read and to seek council for our older children that will be joining our family. We have been warned abour RAD and many other issues. Yes, I believe we should do a bit of research. That way we know what the "signs" are but as far as looking for an instruction manual, no way. I was looked at cross eyed when I told a social worker that we use the word of God and prayer to raise our children. Jesus is more than enough!!

A family being transformed said...


Thanks so much.

Yes, I will eventually share about healing through the Word! God is all about "helping the hurting," as the Word says, "He came for the sick, not the healthy {Matthew 9:12}."

Hugs from the North,

Anonymous said...

I do agree that some aspects of psychological treatment are unhelpful and can be an attempt to deal with problems that only God can but I don't think you should tar all psychology with the same brush. For me learning more about the mind and how it works doesn't diminish God, like learning more about science it only causes me to be even more in awe of what he created. The science of psychology (because a lot of psychology is based in scientific principals) has provided many important discoveries such as the causes of epilepsy, which was previous thought to be evidence of demon possession. I was also worried that your post seemed to imply that psychoanalysis was a better option. If you look into some of the theories behind psychoanalysis they are very ungodly and personally I would say of all the psychological treatment options this would be the most dangerous. These are just my opinions, I know God is powerful to heal physically or emotional without the help of professional but I also believe he sometimes choose to use them as well. It’s not something that should be done without a lot of prayer (like all things) but I don't think it’s always wrong to ask for advice from psychologists in these situations. As much as you should be careful about the treatments you open yourselves up to it’s also important to be careful what you label as demonic and destructive.

A family being transformed said...


I appreciate your comment. I would encourage you to take a deeper look at the history of psychology--which dabbles in "mental healing and mind over body." I am not sure what you were implying about "psychoanalysis," as it would be grouped together with psychology/psychotherapy. How did I imply it was an option at all?


Anonymous said...

I know there are areas that I agree are damaging and I apologise if I misunderstood your reference to psychoanalysis. I have a degree in psychology and I don't feel that all aspects of it are dangerous. Research into the causes of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, trying to understand how children with dyslexia see the world in order to teach them more effectively, rehabilitating those who have had strokes or brain damage. These areas of research as well as many more fall into the category of psychology and I don't think they are harmful. The type of psychosocial treatment you talk about is only a portion of what the profession offers, what I was trying to express was that just demonising psychology generically might not be all that helpful.

A family being transformed said...


I forgot to add--epilepsy, alzheimer's, dyslexia, etc. are medical conditions which can be studied and treated scientifically. However, the "mind/soul/spirit" can only be treated/healed through the power of Jesus Christ.

I would like to do a little more research, but I believe the diseases you mentioned, and the study therein, would fall in human physiology, not psychology.

I appreciate your comments. My desire in these posts is to reveal lies and lift up the Truth!

Are These Kids All Yours? said...

Love this post! Thank you. I was just talking with one of our staff about this, this morning :)

Melissa said...

I agree that the conditions that anonymous mentions may indeed be being studied and treated by phycologists, but everyone recognizes that they are ARE physiological disorders NOT psychological.

I think what Summer is speaking of falls more into the behavioral actions(sin) that often are labeled in the world as psychological disorders, that can only be healed by God and His work on the mind and heart.

There is a big difference between the two.

When mentioning seizures for example...yes it has been found to be a medical condition.

The problem I think we have is when we overlook that it CAN in some cases be demonic. The Bible gives credence to that. In several instances people having seizures were healed by having demons cast out.

That philosophy existed for a reason.

I personally find it interesting that in 50% of seizure cases they can find "no medical cause" for them. Could it be because it is demonic?

I think so.

I am going to go ahead and add that our family has some experience with that.

Summer, I love the book of Colossians, because I feel it speaks to this issue profoundly. Especially the first two chapters, ending with the admonition:

"See to it that no one takes you captive by philosophy and empty deceit, according to human tradition, according to the elemental spirits of the world and not according to Christ." Col 2:8

Empty deceit, that is what the world offers. Jesus, and only Jesus and his word can renew the mind, heal, and bring light into the deep recesses of the human heart and mind.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to hear how exactly you guide your children that have been abused. Abusive behaviors can repeat and hurt the other children. How do you guard against that?

Tova said...

I confess I was a teeny bit confused reading your post. The comments and your responses have helped a bit. Some definitions from you would help. What is your definition of psychotherapy? And do all things like counseling, mental illness (ie. depression, PTSD, etc) fall into this category? If so, this invalidates what a lot of people experience? I guess I'm more confused than I thought by what you are saying.

I couldn't agree more that God has the ultimate power to free us and heal us, but doesn't this sometimes come in a variety of forms?

Also, I'm a bit concerned at the thought that people might adopt children, particularly children with harder histories, without first researching some of the experiences they may have while attaching/bonding with their children. I think that going into an adoption without the wisdom and experience of what others can offer, is a bit naive and irresponsible. I personally have become a much better mom by getting suggestions, tips and tools from professionals in the adoption community.

I would love to hear more and understand better.

Vicky said...

Ditto to Tova's questions and concerns. I was equally confused, except I couldn't figure out how to word my questions to make sense and not ramble. So, I was rather thankful to read Tova's comment.

Thanks Tova! :)

A family being transformed said...


Did my recent post, of today, help clear things up?


A family being transformed said...


Did my recent post, of today, help clear things up?


Vicky said...

Thanks Summer,

I understood that you were not talking about neurological conditions.

I think my confusion is more that I find it unclear whether you are including things like seeking the help of a professional (Christian) counselor to work through a difficult situation or trauma? For example, dealing with the effects of abuse, walking through the grief of losing a loved one, or working through marital problems.

I think Christian counseling can be helpful in healing from a trauma and the effects such trauma would have on other areas of life. It should be grounded in the Word of God and prayer.

It's sorta like a physical wound: God can heal it miraculously and instantaneously, or He can heal it through the gifted hands of a doctor (and, in the case of an emotional wound, I would certainly emphasize the necessity of the counselor being a Christian who points to God in every aspect of their counsel).

Perhaps though, you would consider this sort of counseling to be more "spiritual guidance and seeking wise counsel" than psychoanalysis? That's my confusion. In regard to your most recent post, what you are refuting sounds very different from what I'm asking about... I just want to make sure I'm understanding you correctly.


A family being transformed said...


I encourage you to get a hold of the book, "How to Counsel God's Way" by Bob Hoekstra. This is a must read if you are wondering about Christ Centered "counseling." One must be very careful today with those that call themselves "Christian" counselors--more times than not they mix humanistic psychology with the Word of God.

Hope this encourages you :-)


Anonymous said...

I just wanted to suggest a couple of papers for you to read. They look at the brain damage that can be caused by abuse, neglect and malnutrition in infancy and childhood. I have spent along time studying psychology and I don't think you can make such a clear distinction between body/mind/soul. All these parts of a human interact with each other. Psychological damage can cause physiological damage to the brain, just as physiological damage to the body can cause psychological damage. I don't agree with many types of therapy (I think they often don't work, can cause extreme dependency and create more problems and often don't recognise God's healing power) but I do feel that if you generically demonise all treatments you are isolating many families who are struggling with these issues, as I said before God can and does heal these children in different ways, like with a physical illness you are robbing God of an avenue he could use to help that child if you don’t look into what professionals can offer. Yes its needs to be thought and prayed about before a decision is made but I don’t think parents should be made to feel they are opening their children up to evil influences if they themselves feel called to take their child to a specialist. My theological understanding (although I’m not theologically trained so I may be wrong) is that the soul is the aspect of us, as people, which is dead until we give our lives to Jesus. Our mind although intrinsically linked to our soul and body is capable of functioning without our souls being awakened and is also susceptible to disease and disorder. This is why someone can have a massive stroke or accident and the brain damaged caused can completely change their personalities, their soul is not affected, but almost everything else about them can change (http://bjp.rcpsych.org/cgi/content/abstract/117/537/129 ). It is the brain and the mind that are affected by these traumatic events in early childhood and can be very badly damaged (http://www3.interscience.wiley.com/journal/112415976/abstract?CRETRY=1&SRETRY=0 , http://www.sciencedirect.com/science?_ob=ArticleURL&_udi=B6V7N-408X15B-5&_user=10&_coverDate=06%2F30%2F2000&_rdoc=1&_fmt=high&_orig=search&_sort=d&_docanchor=&view=c&_searchStrId=1383258806&_rerunOrigin=scholar.google&_acct=C000050221&_version=1&_urlVersion=0&_userid=10&md5=64c50f430ae820e7102e958a5a166edb ). In such circumstances I feel it is unfair to deny a child additional help to deal with these physiological difficulties that affect their attitudes and behaviours. I really don’t want to seem like I’m just attacking your ideas. I do agree with a lot of what you are saying in these posts and I think its good to have a discussion about such things but I just wanted to offer a slightly different view. All for the glory of God.
Ps. sorry the hyperlinks are so long. If they don’t work there are lots of interesting papers on such topics on google scholar.

Mama D.'s Dozen said...

When we were in the process of adopting our 3 siblings from Ghana, we were horribly judged by the local adoption community because we chose not to read every single book about every possible problem that we encountered. We chose, instead, to trust that the Lord would lead us and guide us as we encountered each difficult situation.

We did end up walking through an adoption crisis. But, we don't believe that reading every book would have prepared us any better. We just had to walk through it with the Lord.

Our daughters have faced much trauma and s*xual abuse during their lives ... yet we have chosen not to "take them to the professionals". We are seeking the Lord for His wisdom into how to best bring healing for each of our precious girls.

Keep writing!