Wednesday, June 30, 2010

"Inner healing," a wide open door with a welcome mat.

If Christian psychology has anything of any value to offer the Christian, then the church was without it for 1900 years and the Holy Spirit somehow left out of the Bible things that we need to have to deal with our problems today."

"Satan disguises himself as an angel of light.  So, it is no surprise if his servants {demons}, also, disguise themselves as servants of righteousness.  Their end will correspond to their deeds."  2 Corinthians 11:14-15
Today in many churches, experience supersedes sound doctrine, to the point that bizarre and unbiblical practices are accepted as "spiritual." 
"It is absolutely necessary to allow the Bible to judge every experience.  If there is not clear biblical teaching in the Bible to support a practice, it should not be adopted by the church today, regardless of how beautiful and seemingly miraculous the experiences are that it produces."
A very well known and popular church in the states has made a stand that "whatever transpires in their midst it is from God." That is why laughing in the spirit, barking like a dog, convulsions of power and electric shock transformations are taking place without a question of doubt.   How is it that the church has gotten so far away from the authority of God's Word and replaced it with bizarre and unbiblical experiences?  Because,
"the Spirit expressly says that in later times {that is today} some will depart from the faith by devoting themselves {and their church} to deceitful spirits and teachings of demons."  1 Timothy 4:1

"Satan’s basic strategy for the seduction and destruction of mankind. His deception began by questioning God’s Word, and offering tempting alternatives. Eve responded by believing Satan, rejecting God’s Word, and turning to her own self-interests. The enticements were so desirable to the flesh, including immortality, enlightenment, godhood, and knowledge (Genesis), that she eagerly embraced the lie." The Berean Call

One such seduction, that has made its way into the church and thus the homes of believers,  is known as inner healing.
"Agnes Sanford’s book The Healing Gifts of the Spirit (1966) was foundational to this movement {inner healing}. She taught that the recovery of hidden memories of past events hold the key to emotional suffering and psychological problems in the present."
Sanford was born in China as the child of missionaries.  Described as a one who "swam against the flow," Sanford began dabbling in Thao {the force} at a young age.  She believed that, "God is a life force in everyone, and you can do this with your mind, you can project this force to others."
She also wrote, in her book The Healing Light, quoting Ephesians 5:8, "walk as children of light," meant to, "live as if you are made of a living light, moving energy like that."
Although this woman, and her modern day followers, John and Paula Sandford,  claim to be Christian, their teachings as well as their practices lean closer to the occult, new age religion, scorcery and Jungian psychology than biblical Christianity.
For example, the Sandford's teach to, “Follow the soul of Your child all the way back to the hour of birth and heal the soul even of pain and the fear of being born into this darksome world. ... And if even before birth the soul was shadowed by this human life and was darkened by the fears or sorrows of the human parents, then I pray that even those memories or impressions may be healed, so that this one may be restored to Your original pattern, the soul as free and as clean as though nothing had ever dimmed its shining” (The Healing Gifts, pp. 122, 123). "
There is no where in the Word of God where we are commanded or taught to "look to our inner child" or "past hurts" for healing.  Rather, scripture after scripture speaks of new life in Christ,  freedom from our old life by way of accepting the the death of Jesus Christ and forgetting what lies behind and setting our minds on what is ahead--the upward call of God in Jesus Christ.
"The Bible offers no example of prophet, priest, or apostle dealing with anything vaguely related to buried or repressed emotional memories.  If this were the great truth that inner healing practitioners insist it is, then surely the Bible would have both teaching and example to offer."  Dave Hunt
"Sanford taught that the individual should ask Jesus to go back through all of the stages of his or her life and heal everything, even to birth and beyond.
Of course there is not a hint of such a thing in Scripture. It has no biblical authority whatsoever. “The secret things belong unto the LORD our God: but those things which are revealed belong unto us and to our children for ever, that we may do all the words of this law” (Deut. 29:29).
As with all cults, parts of scripture are often used to back up their "theology" as in inner healing, but it is almost always misquoted and misinterpreted. And in the midst of it, the enemy has accomplished what he set out to do, what he does best, "kill, steal and destroy."
Through the practice of recovered memories countless lives have been ruined, families torn apart, fathers and mothers and grandparents and other family members wrongly condemned. Some have been gone to prison on the basis of “recovered memories” that have turned out to be completely bogus. Some victims of “recovered memory” delusions have committed suicide." The Berean Call
Inner healing is a wide open door to evil influences that will surely do more harm than good to the minds of children who are placed under its demonic authority.  
I plead with you, please do not sacrifice your children's minds "to the fire."
"God does have mercy to protect Christians from occultic involvements who have out of ignorance used shamanistic techniques {such as inner healing}.  One would not expect, however, that God would honor occult methodologies by manifesting Himself to those using them."  Dave Hunt
Please do not take my word for it, visit this very insightful website--{}
Once again, I would like to share from personal experience--which lines up with scripture {always a must for the sake of verification}.
When I was in high school I came under the bondage of "perfection, exercise and food."  Modern day psychologists call it the disorder of anorexia {a lie from hell}. At a loss, due to the fact that I was trying to slowly kill myself {which I was nearly successful at accomplishing} my parents placed me into an in-patient psyche ward with an "eating disorder" unit.
I am so glad that I had the Spirit of God protecting me {yes, I was a believer, just one that  allowed the enemy to put the chains back on}.  The first thing the psychologists did was drug me. I was then, day in and day out, subjected to various psychotherapeutic techniques.  I sat under the streams of both individual and group psychotherapy.  At one point, and the reason I am sharing this story, was that I was told to bring my mind back to childhood {through various shamanistic techniques}, where I was pressured to remember s*xual abuse.  None of which I experienced nor took part in--but the "specialists" want answers for your behavior.  Behaviors that only Jesus Christ can reveal, issues of the heart that He alone can minister too, by His Spirit and through His word.
"How did I find healing?" you may ask.  To be honest, it was a long season of bondage {4-5 years}.  But one day, I was out walking and the Lord spoke as loud and clear as if we were walking side by side, He said, "Summer, you are living in blatant sin against Me."  For reasons unknown to me, but more than likely due to a hardened heart, this was the first time I heard the Lord say this.  And from the moment on I was set free.  My mind was no longer consumed with lies from the enemy, allowing the sweet Word to wash over me. 


Anonymous said...
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A family being transformed said...


I am sorry for your obvious objection. Yes, I do agree with you that both Jesus and John the Baptist lept in the womb, however, I do not see this anywhere else in scripture--one can NOT base a theology on one verse. If you are to study, as have done, the teaching of both Agnes Sanford and the Sandfords, you can not deny their teachings dabble in the occult.

Would you please share from the Word where it says we need to repent/forgive of sins in the womb?

In all humbleness, I am a studier of the FULL counsel of God's Word. And experience will never supersede the"living and active word of God."

A family being transformed said...

I would just like to add again, the importance of not basing an entire theology on one instance mentioned in scripture. If we based single instances in the Bible to an entire theology, we would think it was biblical to play with snakes, be swallowed by whales and survive, find strength in our hair, tap rocks for water, smear mud on the eyes of the blind, etc.

My recent posts are meant to reveal the lies of the enemy through again, the FULL counsel of God's Word.

It was a miracle that John the Baptist was filled with the Holy Spirit in the womb (just as the instances I mentioned above were acts of God)--but this is the only instance we see in the NT where someone NOT born again was filled with the Holy Spirit.

JG said...

Wow. This series of posts continues to speak to me. I very much appreciate your perspective and work into this subject. I admit, I have been very confused over the years as to what is or is not beneficial when it comes to some of these psychological issues, because (at least for me) it's sometimes hard to just think of a specific Bible verse that addresses that certain I reach for a logical worldly answer instead. Not just for my own "issues", but it also makes it more tempting to psychoanalyze others rather than try and either A) point them to the Word if they are looking for help or B) learn to "forget what was behind" for them, not just for myself. But it's hard.

TheHappyNeills said...

What would you say about helping people find healing who do NOT have the Spirit (adults, or children who have not accepted the Savior yet)? I 'm NOT saying I agree with psychotherapy, but I do believe the way to moving past issues in those people's lives will be much different than people who know the Lord and have the Spirit.

A good friend of ours (an adult of 23 yrs, but very very "young" because of his issues) is in counseling. I think it's beneficial--actually necessary--for him in helping working past some issues and finding the right meds (he definitely has chemical imbalances). What we would like for his life and in him finding healing and help is not possible, as he does not have the Spirit yet. We pray someday he does, and he can find deeper healing (of his soul, and we pray of his mind/brain/body too). But for now, we're so thankful for the help he is getting.

Just curious what you'd have to say about nonbelieving children, since what you've written so far is pertaining to healing through the Spirit, and therefore for people who HAVE the Spirit.

Maybe you've already got that post lined up and I'm jumping the gun in asking about it.

Appreciate your series,

Dani said...

Recently a friend of mine read the teachings of inner healing. She is convinced that this is the true way to draw closer to Christ. I myself am always hesitant when someone comes up with some "new thing" that isn't in the Bible. I am a Bible believer...but skeptic when it comes to these new teachings and practices. You shed a lot of light on this subject, and a I appreciate that.

We felt led to leave our church a few years back. They were teaching people how to interpret dreams and teaching them how to speak in tongues...strange things. We knew we had to go. We found a more conservative church bent on following the truth.

We are in a time that people want to possess special powers (like super heroes) and have an "experience." They miss so much of what God is really doing.

I believe that iniquities are put on children from their parents...the Bible says so. I believe that we are fighting a spiritual battle. The demons we have fought in my's crazy. Yet I have seen God's healing power, and it didn't come from envisioning past memories, a wound, or the blood of Jesus. It came from HIM.

We need to be so careful to test these things. The Bible says in the end times more and more of this stuff will happen: false prophets, false teaching, etc.

Thanks for the information...I'm going to pass it on:)

Anonymous said...
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Shonni said...

Again, perfect. I am REALLY LOVING these!
I have had so many concerns over the whole Christian counseling thing for years.
Again, thank you for these!

A family being transformed said...


Thanks for sharing so many wonderful scriptures.

We are all born with a spirit, yes, but it is a dead spirit. Coming alive only when one places their faith in Jesus Christ.

As for Esua and Jacob, we were ALL conceived in sin.

You mention the Holy Spirit a a lot, which is wonderful. However, we would all be wise to "test the spirits" and make sure that what we are hearing or being led to do lines up perfectly with the WORD of God. The Holy Spirit will NEVER speak something contrary to the Word.

Why follow the teachings of a man {woman} if what they are teaching is not in line with scripture--even if Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit are mentioned?

A family being transformed said...


What a great question. I am humbled that you would ask me.

I will be praying for your friend.

We both know that what this man needs is the transforming work of Jesus Christ. However, until that happens, he is under the power of the prince of this world. You mentioned that it seems that he truly does have a chemical imbalance that is causing him to struggle with mental anguish. This may or may not be true--as one could really only make that observation if he was born again {meaning the mental illness could be a manifestation of a demonic presence rather than a chemical imbalance--as a true believer can not be possessed by a demon}. Does that make sense?

When I write my posts--I am not necessarily referring to those who are born again--as many of our children are not able to make that decision or have chosen not to, yet. However, I am talking to parents who do claim to be born again and thus should be instilling these biblical principles within their home. Like I mentioned before, our children, without Christ and thus without the Spirit, are dead in their sins. Therefore, it is the ministry of the parent to "battle" on their behalf until they are equipped, through salvation, to do so for themselves.

Hope this is helpful and edifying,

A family being transformed said...


I re-read my reply and want to point out that although a believer can not be demon possessed, he/she could have a chemical imbalance.

Are These Kids All Yours? said...

WOW- thank you for sharing this! It is so hard to imagine. Thanking God for true healing! I think it is hard because we want answers and sometimes....we think we have found them.

His Hands His Feet Today said...

Two of our kids have gone through some part of inner healing ... and all I can say is that you need to look at the fruit (like the bible says to!). The fruit in their lives is that they are healed and were set free. The Holy Spirit showed us where the hurt was, the Word of God and the blood of Jesus applied to that wounding.... and they were healed. That's how inner healing works... the Word of God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit - working together.

Thank you JESUS.

His Hands His Feet Today said...

I should say "inner healing AND deliverance" ... there was definately a deliverance part that happened afterwards :)

A family being transformed said...


Thank you for that.

I read of "spiritual healing {salvation}" and physical healing in Gods Word, but where are the words "inner healing?"

"There is a real, genuine, biblical healing and transformation of the inner person" but the bible does not mention "inner healing" as in the sense that Agnes Sanford and the Sandfords teach.

His Hands His Feet Today said...

Honestly, I think that we are talking about the same thing (the transforming power of Jesus Christ) with different labels and it's a semantics arguement - which I won't be sucked into :) .

I respect what you have to say, I release you and bless you in your walk with Him!

To God be the glory - in all and through all.

Mama D.'s Dozen said...

I must tell you that the Lord used John & Paula Sandford to do a work of healing in my husband.

20+ years ago (we were 20-something, young Believers) I encouraged my husband to spend 5 days with them in prayer counseling. He had repressed many years of his childhood (due to abuse and neglect). I believed (and still do) that it was important for him to understand and acknowledge the pain of his childhood, as we were entering our own parenting years.

His time with them did help him to acknowledge his childhood, and move on to healthy adulthood.

As I said, we were young Believers. Neither of us came from a Christian home. We didn't know how to research everything the Sandfords believed. However, I fully believe that the Lord led us to their ministry and that my husband received healing from the Lord as part of their ministry to him.

I also believe that it is important for my little African girls to understand and acknowledge the pain that they have walked through, in order to move forward towards healthy teen years and beyond. We have chosen not to take them to counseling at this time, but we do believe that there are Christian Counselors that do counsel from God's Word (rather than just from their training in psychology).

We will continue to pray for our girls ... to pray with our girls ... to seek the Lord for wisdom in to how best to bring healing to our girls' hearts. And, this may or may not include future help from a Christian Counselor (as well as being ministered to by dad and mom).

As a side note ... all week I have been planning/processing a post about the false doctrines that are running rampant in today's "Christian" churches.

Be Blessed!

Laurel :)

A family being transformed said...


I too am not into semantic arguments. It is just that for me, the term "inner healing" is likened to the false teachings I posted about today.

But, yes, we both believe in the power of Jesus Christ and HIS ability, and His ability alone, to transform and set free.

A family being transformed said...


Thanks for that. I also was subject to a "healing" ministry that, looking back now, was not 100% biblically sound. However, in my ignorance the Lord showed me mercy.

Like I posted about in my previous post, I do believe biblical counsel is wise, if it is grounded upon the Word of God ALONE!

I often find myself thinking about and praying for your girls--we get canned tuna and it was packed in Ghana--written right across the label :-)

A family being transformed said...

I know of a wonderful biblical healing bible study called "Healed and Set Free," written by Tammy Brown, the wife of a pastor in Idaho! I would highly recommend it. She walked the same "path" as your daughters.

Goodness and Mercy Mom said...

Thanks for this series of posts. How easy it is to put that "welcome mat" out for things that look innocent or helpful.

I appreciate you sharing about your own experience. Praise God he delivered you from the lies of the enemy. Perhaps those years of bondage have enabled you to have discernment now.

We pray for you and your ministry daily. (Any news about Regan?)

God Bless,

Laura said...


I am so thankful that the Lord grabbed hold of you and brought you out of the mire. Praise His name.

ajnrileysmommy said...

amen. i love when people realize and live the fact that the Bible is what gives us everything we need. I love serving God, and i love seeing other people who are doing the same! thanks for sharing :)

oh, and i really love nouthetic counseling - totally bible based. so great.

Anonymous said...

I pray your message will bless many! I know I really appriciated it!