Monday, June 28, 2010

Answering a question from a reader.

I would like to respond to an Anonymous comment:
"I don’t think parents should be made to feel they are opening their children up to evil influences if they themselves feel called to take their child to a specialist." {This is just a snippet of what was written and you can read its entirety in the comment section of " open door to demonic influence."}
My answer:
Thank you for your input.  I did, on the post after this, try to clear up the type of psychology I was referring too.  As I mentioned, there is a place for medical psychology when the issue TRULY is medically related, such as in mineral deficiencies and chemical imbalances {although the Lord is able to heal this too}.  However, what I am seeing more and more of is parents taking their children to therapy/specialists for matters of the heart/soul/mind which are not medically related {i.e. lying, stealing, angry outbursts, s*ex perversion, etc}.  And honestly, it should not be about what "parents feel called to" but rather what scriptures speaks forth as true and right.

As for the mind, although I agree it is a separate entity, it is heavily effected/influenced by the state of ones soul as well.  The Scriptures speak over and over about having our minds "stayed" upon the Lord.  And when Jesus healed a demon possessed man its says He "put him in his right mind."  It is also important to note that the mind is the enemies {satan} first line of attack.

2 Corinthians 11:3 says, "But I am afraid, lest as the serpent deceived Eve by his craftiness, your minds should be led astray from the simplicity and purity of devotion to Christ."

In the book, 'The Strategy of Satan' by Warren Wiersbe {which I highly recommend}, Weirsbe says this about science, the mind and satan,

"If satan can get you to believe a lie, then he can begin to work in your life to lead you into sin.  This is why he attacks the mind, and that is why we must protect our minds from the attack of the wicked one."

Phillipians 4:8 admonishes us to "set our minds on whatever is true, honorable, right, pure, lovely, whatever is of good repute, and things that are of excellence and worthy of praise."

How does digging up the past, dwelling on hurts and sins, cause ones mind to be set upon good things?

I always tell my husband, "if our children were adopted by the average family living in the states, they would be drugged and put under the demonic influence of psychotherapy." Most of our children have been through major traumas and abuse such as--witnessing a mothers murder while strapped to her back, physical abuse and attempted murder through starvation, neglect, s*xual violation, abandonment, surviving rebel attacks, ect..

Psychotherapist would try to dig up these "wounds" as in accordance with the demonic influence of Fruedian theories, and try to place all the blame for their behavior on the past.  And yet scriptures calls us to "
forget about what lies behind and set our minds
on those things which are ahead."  Phillipians 3:13

As for what science has discovered,

"In recent years, science has discovered many fascinating things about the human mind.  Your mind can store facts and impressions--and even emotions--and recall them years later.  Your mind can reach into the past through memory, or it can reach into the future through imagination.  Satan knows the tremendous power of your mind, and tries to capture it for himself."

By studying the history of psychology, namely psychotherapy, I believe, without a shadow of doubt, as it was founded upon the occult/shamanism {which is demonic} and continues to be built upon humanistic ideas--that it directly contradicts the Word of God and opens up ones mind to the destructive lies of an enemy who seeks to kill, steal and destroy the minds and thus the souls of our children.  Like I always say, "the enemy is no respecter of age, he will take into bondage a 3 year olds mind without thinking twice and take great delight in it too.

"The mind set on the flesh is death, but the mind set of the Spirit is life and peace." Romans 8:6

How are we protecting our children's minds?  
Are we allowing an open door for satanic influence?  
Or are we washing them in the Word of Truth 
in order that they might have life and peace?

To close, I would like to share just one of many stories of how the Lord is able to transform the mind of a young woman who was under demonic influence since early childhood.  This is just a part of the ministry the Lord has called us to as we minister to a people group heavily influenced by the control of satan and his demons.

Harriet was taken to a witch-doctor {not unlike psychotherapy} when she was just a young girl. Her parents did not understand why she was doing poorly in school and misbehaving in class so they turned to a local shaman for answers.  After just one "session" the girl began being visited by the spirit of her dead grandmother.  The grandmother, a demon under disguise, would appear to Harriet and demand her to take part in many bizarre things.  At one point, the demon told her to walk to Sudan, a good 50 miles from her home village.  When she arrived in Sudan, there was nothing else she was to do so she walked back home--stealing, lying and deceiving people along to the way.  This went on for ten long years.  Harriet's mind was controlled by a demon.  

Three months ago Harriet heard that her "born again" aunty, our house help, was back in Northern Uganda.  She knew that the only way for her to be free of this demon in her mind was to become born again herself.  She walked 15 miles and arrived late one evening on her aunties door step.  At first the aunty was quit scared, knowing the past of this child.  However, she was brought to tears when she sat and listened to Harriet's story.  

Harriet asked if my husband, being a pastor, would come and pray with her at the church on Sunday to receive Jesus Christ and be set free.  The night before the service, the demons spoke to Harriet and told her that if she went to church she would be killed.  Needless to say her fear overcame her and she did not attend the service.  However, my husband went to her after service and they prayed together for her to receive Jesus as Lord.  Today Harriet has a mind that is free of the lies of satan.  Her mind is clear and she is able to worship Jesus without fear.  


We Are Family said...

You are really on the front lines. I didn't realize what you and you husband have been called to do there. Amazing story/testimony. Will continue to pray for your family!

By the way, I agree 100%, using the word of God. The power of the Holy Spirit to parent our children to guide our lives. Well said my friend!

Shonni said...

Great post Summer. I pray that we all can see where satan is influencing us with any lies that we have "received".
I'll be doing some more studying on this!

Jen said...


Just wanted you to know that we are right there with you!

Our social worker said that EVERYONE was convinced that our 8 y.o. foster son needed to be on Ritalin and possibly other meds and would need serious counseling and therapy if he was going to be "o.k."

LOL! We said "NO WAY," and brought him home to hear the Word of God and commenced our "RAD healing program" which consists of using God's plan for family and children - teaching children to obey their parents and to honor them (Eph 6:1-3) and us loving our children unconditionally.

We work to restore their broken spirits and at the same time bring their rebellious will (witchcraft) into godly submission to us and to the Lord.

I'm really appreciating your posts on this. Please continue, despite the negative comments you may get.

Susan A said...

Praise YHWH for setting the woman free, He is so good. :)

Is it possible that christian counselling might bring some good? For example, a child may have some current issues which troubles him/her, such as outbursts, etc, which was their reaction to events that triggered memories of his/her traumatic experiences... e.g. it is their way of dealing with it, by regressing, and so on... if a christian counsellor or parent bring up the traumatic experiences, talking about the hurts the child went through, and how to give their lives over to the Saviour, could help the child acknowledge that his/her life is now given over to the Saviour and start to learn to thank Him even for those awful things that they experienced ("in every thing, give thanks"), by not leaning on their understanding, but trusting Him, this would help free them?

Christian counselling like this can help, I guess? As opposed to other kinds of counselling by non-christians? Curious what you think about it. Thanks for letting me comment in here :)

A family being transformed said...


Thanks so much for your questions. Yes, I do believe that there is a place for a CHRIST-centered counselor. However, one must be very, very discerning. With that said, I do believe God commands the parents first and foremost to minister to their children through wise and biblical counsel.

Also, the behaviors your listed are still sinful, no matter why they are acting upon them. If the child wants to bring up past hurts, that is their choice {and we need to lovingly listen}, however, the parent needs to make sure that the child is never justified in his/her sinful response to the hurt. It is also key that the child forgives the person(s) who wronged them.

I love to tell mama's, "wash your children in the Word, and if necessary scrub real hard!" Pour scripture into them all throughout the day.

Every answer for life and godliness is in the the Word of God--aren't we blessed to be born again.

Sheila said...

I'm trying to see if I can comment so please bear with me. I whole heartedly agree with everything you said and that's an amazing story about that woman. I'm so glad she's set free! I also loved Jen's story about her 8 year old foster son.

Susan A said...

thanks for sharing, Summer. Been thinking about this. :)