Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I am worried.

"Make sure that the light you think you have is actually not darkness."  Luke 11:35

As I read through various blogs I am becoming more and more worried.  The things that I read make my soul weep.

However, for the sake of not casting judgement, I will allow God's word to speak.

"Look to God's instructions and teachings!  People who contradict His word are completely in the dark."  Isaiah 8:20

This world and its philosophies (instructions/teachings) should have no part in the life of a believer.  We must guard ourselves from the subtle lies of the enemy that have sept into the church, which many are confusing as "light."

"Have any of these teachers been in the Lord's presence to hear what He is really saying? "  Jeremiah 23:18

If the full counsel of God's Word is not used, stay away.  If worldly wisdom and ideas are presented just as authoritative as God's word, stay away.  

"Stop using this phrase, 'prophecy from the Lord.'  For people are using it to give authority to their own ideas, turning upside down the words of our God, the living God."  Jeremiah 23:36

I once heard a quote that stuck,  
"If it is new it is not true, if it is true it is not new."
No Words can be added to the Bible.  We have it in its entirety.  Living and active.  Eternal.

*I speak the follwoing in love*
I believe that Psychology has NO place in the life of a believer.  It is a "light" that is "actually darkness."  

I highly recommend that you read an article titled "Psychologizing of the Faith" by Bob Hoekstra of Living Christ Ministries,

Here are two quotes that I pray will get you thinking,

"Self-exaltation by Satan marked the first appearance of sin in the universe (see Isaiah 14:12-14). Eventually, Jesus would identify man's fundamental obstacle in following Him as this same self- centered perspective on life (see Mark 8:34). One of the most radical consequences of "the Exaltation of Self" can be seen in the "Psychologizing of the Faith" taking place within the church world today.  


Our American culture, like much of the rest of the world, has become deeply and extensively psychological. As psychological thinking flows into churches that are biblically weak, the foundational truths of "the faith once for all delivered to the saints" (Jude v. 3) are being 

redefined. This tragic process is replacing the Christ-centered perspective of the Bible with a new man-centered approach to life.  "


"Instead of declaring sin as the problem, man's need is now described as dysfunctionalism or co- dependency or victimization. We speak of sicknesses and disorders, instead of moral failure or spiritual irresponsibility. Further, man's hope is often held forth as discovering the appropriate recovery group, instead of learning about God's life-giving and life-transforming grace."

After a little research on the history of psychology, I found something quite ironic.  

"Philosophical interest in the mind and behavior dates back to the ancient civilizations of EgyptGreece, China and India. These earlier forms of inquiry began adopting a more clinical[1] and experimental[2] approach under medieval Greek and Muslim psychologists and physicians, whose practitioners built the first psychiatric hospitals."

Egypt?  That reminds me of Isaiah 30:1,

"What sorrow awaits my rebellious children, "says the Lord.  You make plans that are contrary to Me...For without consulting Me you go down to Egypt for help."

Quite ironic indeed.

Is what you are believing really not light at all?

"Some sat in darkness and deepest gloom, imprisoned in iron chains of misery.  They rebelled against Gods word, scorning the COUNSEL of the Most High God...


"Lord help! they cried in their trouble and HE saved them from their distress. HE led them forth from the darkness and deepest gloom; HE snapped their chains.  Let them praise the Lord for His great love and for the wonderful things HE has done for them...HE sent out HIS word and healed them."  Psalms 107

The light of God's WORD will always expose the darkness.

P.S. I would like to point you to the comment section--Melissa hit the nail on the head. Thanks for sharing M.


We Are Family said...

Great Post

Shonni said...

WONDERFUL post!!! And you know, I'm right there with you sweet friend!

Melissa said...


What saddens me most is some would say amen to that post, but then apply entirely different standards to children who came to them through adoption. They may have some different needs, but they all have the same underlying problem...sin.

God's word does not differentiate between biological and adopted children on how they should be trained and raised.

Neither should we.

Not for our children, and not for ourselves.

May our Lord continue to bless you with every spiritual blessing in Christ Jesus.

Are These Kids All Yours? said...

Very interesting....I have learned a lot. After not really liking the ideas of psychology myself...and not really knowing why, but knowing that God can heal and does heal EVERYTHING not US. THANK YOU!

By the way- Melissa I agree that sin is sin and adopted or not it is the same. I do know that healing is healing as well, and there are ways God can help us show that healing love to our children - through scripture of course:) AMEN!

Jewels of My Heart said...

Thank you for standing for God's truth! There is so much false doctrine in the Church today... if only true believers in Christ Jesus would read the Word of God... Study it and cast away every thing that is contrary to it.

Elle said...

I'm sorry but I don't understand exactly what you are saying here.
Are you saying people are using psychology such as therapy with thier adopted children? Or that they are treating adopted children differently?

I'd love some clarification.

Mama in Uganda said...


Thanks for asking. I believe that both are going on and that both are not biblical nor Christ centered.

Mama in Uganda said...


Please note what psychological therapy is,

"it aims to increase the individual's sense of their own well-being. Psychotherapists employ a range of techniques based on experiential relationship building, dialogue, communication and behavior change and that are designed to improve the mental health of a client or patient, or to improve group relationships (such as in a family)."

Only Jesus Christ alone is able to transform the mind ("mental health").

Elle said...

Thanks for the update.
I have a couple more questions, if that's okay.
I love what you are doing with your ministry and your children, I really respect you and your husband for your work.
I think we disagree on the therapy thing, but that is okay to disagree. :)
I am just wondering if I could ask a couple more things about your beliefs?
What about your children that were abused? How can you help them deal with that? Obviously, with the Savior's help, I'm sure.
Any other ways to help if you do not believe in therapy of any kind?

Thanks for the discussion.

Elle said...

P.S. My husband and I are Christians who met while working with abused children in a treatment center.
We both majored in Social Work and have worked a lot with kids coming from abusive homes.

Just a little background...may explain my curiosity.

Mama in Uganda said...


I appreciate the fact that you feel comfortable enough to ask me these questions.

We are 100% bible believers. We believe that EVERYTHING that the Bible teaches is TRUE, every Word. (We come from a Calvary Chapel background.)

We believe that Jesus Christ is the all sufficient One.

To answer some of your questions, I really would encourage you to read the article that I posted the link to. Bob Hoekstra has an amazing ministry exposing the lies of psychology.

As for our children who were abused, again, Jesus Christ alone will bring healing to their hearts and minds--which we have seen.

You either believe Christ is sufficient because He is God or He is not, there in no middle ground.

"Do not let anyone capture you with empty philosophies and high sounding nonsense that come from human thinking and from spiritual powers of this world, rather from Christ." Col. 2:8

Colossians 2:8

PLEASE, seek the WORD and none other. He is ALL answers for life and godliness.

Love from Uganda.

Mama in Uganda said...


If you are interested, I wrote an extensive bible study titled Christ Centered mothering/attachment. I would be blessed to email that to you. Just leave me your email address.


Melissa said...

Elle, I don't know if you are still reading the comments, but as someone who has faced MAJOR problems in the past (abuse,eating disorder) whose parents did not know the Lord and sought help through "worldly means" I can assure you, as one who has received therapy, that it did not help. In fact there were many times my therapist "helped me" by telling how to do what I was doing differently so as not to cause as much harm to myself. Not only that but I went in for two issues, and within the first hour had seven or eight different label tacked onto me. NONE OF THEM APPLIED. Not to mention the underlying theme was I had a RIGHT to feel the way I did. No I didn't. I praise the Lord, who came and captured my long lost heart, and literally with in days the Great Counselor began drawing out of me the dross. He began to show me why I do what I do. That I need to forgive to heal. That my body is His temple, meant to be cared for, so that he might be glorified. Later when there was major marital problems, "worldly psychology" said a divorce was in order. Jesus, said otherwise. He walked us through our sinful patterns in our marriage and transformed us yet again. This is infFact the Spirits work. As parents we can aid in that by pointing our children...even the really young ones to Christ and His word. It truly contains, "Everything for life and godliness." We need only look, apply, and pray.
I have heard a saying and I think it applies here, "When we turn our children over to Caesar, we shouldn't be surprised when they come back Romans." I highly recommend the book, "Raising Lambs Among Wolves" I truly believe that if all parents would read and apply the stuff that's in this book they would see greater success sooner with their children, and save themselves the thousands of dollars of therapy. God's word is truth, for all time, for all people, in all situations.

Mama in Uganda said...


Once again, your words are right on. Thanks for sharing. I too struggled with the sin of an eating disorder. At their wits end my parents placed me in a residential mental health unit. It was an experience I have tried to forget.

It was Jesus Christ who set me free--the moment He opened my eyes to see that I was living in willful sin (I was a believer that had been ensnared in a trap of the enemy). And I was destroying the very body that He created for worship.


I see so many adoptive children being led into lies/deeper bondage...When their healing comes from such a simply amazing source, the fountain of Living Water.

"Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and HIS righteousness."

John and Perla said...

Wow. I think it simply comes down to faith, and the strength of that faith. There are some Christians who themselves are not free, and therefore can not offer that freedom to their own children - can not teach them of Christ the deliverer. It is strange to think that every confessing believer would be in the right place spiritually. They're not. It's not usual that the world's philosophies are instantaneously removed at the moment of conversion. Just as a healing sometimes takes time - he had to wash seven times - so does deliverance.

While psychology may or may not have a place in the life of a believer - I'm not arguing that point here because I haven't researched it enough to do so and I agree that Christ is all-sufficient - it does give us insight into the condition of our fleshly nature, but should not take the place of Christ as healer.