Friday, March 12, 2010


I love when the Lord uses my children to speak His great truths to my heart. 

With the upcoming move, and due to the fact that all of our home education materials are packed up, I have been taking a break with the little ones (age 4-5)--I love the flexibility of educating all year round. However, my seven year old is progressing so well in her reading that she continues to read her bible out loud on a daily basis.  And oh how I love to hear her read God's word and more than that, understand the lesson the Lord is teaching. 

Eryn on Lake Victoria (age 4)
This morning, Eryn chose to read the portion of scripture that tells of Jesus taking Peter out to fish.  Where he had fished all night and "caught no fish," but, Jesus told Peter to "move to deeper water."  The results of Peter trusting Jesus, nets overflowing with fish!  The lesson was learned. And my seven year old totally got it.  "Mommy, Jesus wants us to be fishers of men and to trust Him to take us to deeper waters where there are a lot of fish.  It is like the lesson He taught about trusting Him for fruit on the vine too."

This mommy's heart was overflowing.  Yes, Jesus.  We have been ministering in the place for four years and to be honest we have "caught few fish."  Now Jesus is saying to us, "I am taking  you to deeper waters.  Will you trust me?"

And so with great expectation, as we move to these "deeper waters," I am trusting that Jesus is going to "fill up the nets to overflowing" for the sake of His Kingdom.


Mother's, are you trusting the Lord to take you to "deeper waters" as you raise your children?  Do you feel as if you have "fished all night and caught no fish?"  He desires, no He LONGS, to "fill the net" in the life of your children.  Trust Him to take you to the "deep water."  You will never want to turn back.

He will make you "fishers of children."


Shonni said...

Ohhh, this is wonderful! I just love the LORD and HIS WORD so much and what an awesome word-especially with your upcoming move.

Are These Kids All Yours? said...

AMEN!!!! Please Lord take me into deeper waters for YOU!!!! For my children, for the campers & retreats that come here!

Thank you Jesus for children leading us and understanding your Word!

love2bmom said...

All I could think of when you said that you have caught 'few' fish, was the beautiful children who are now a part of your family! You have caught many fish! And there are more to come, I am sure. Some may be called McCourtney, and some will be 'caught' in other ways, as they come to know the Lord with you as their guide.

Thanks for sharing this. Love listening to my little ones read God's word!



Adeye said...

Brought tears to my eyes!

Such TRUTH, my friend.

Mama in Uganda said...


Yes, you are so right! I guess I was thinking more about the church that my husband has been ministering. I do believe that the Lord is going to bring more "fish" into our home!


Anonymous said...

Summer I have been holding your health up in prayer daily!..We need to talk sometime..I to once lived a life in a house with almost killed me..It to took a while to discover!.. I am so sorry for your new nasty discovery...BUT I am so happy you MOVED! I was not able to heal until we moved also..and I have life long lasting health problems from it! But God is good and He sustains..! Yeah.. Blessing on your day.....