Monday, November 2, 2009


Thanks again for all your sweet comments. Yesterday my husband brought the elders of the church home (after the Sunday service) to annoint me with oil. The Lord spoke as one of the elders admonished me from Word. I have decided to meditate on the promises of God for healing and renewal for my weak and weary body.

We as westerners can be so quick to run to medical doctors without first trusting that the Lord, Jehovah Rafah, can heal us of "all our infirmities." Instead of spending hours seeking the Lord for healing, I sit on the internet researching my symptoms.

I am reading "Come, Let's Reach the World," by K.P. Yohannan. In the chapter, 'Acknowleding the supernatural' this is what K.P. says,

"...modern missionaries seek to duplicate the healing miracles of Jesus and the apostles by opening up hospitals. This attempt to imitate the liberating light of the gospel by starting schools and hospitals can only bring limited benefits. Because the gospel is not the true Good News of Jesus Christ, it lacks the power to change people and societies. Too often, missionaries rule out the possibility of divine intervention in the everyday challenges of the mission field (pg 190)."
"We should remind ourselves of what happened when Uzzah reached out to steady the ark. It can be fatal to substitute our wisdom and planning for obedience to the simple plans and power of God (pg 201)."

Just a little more insight into where the Lord is calling us--we will need to "know that we know" that the Lord is the God who can heal ALL infirmities. There are no hospitals for miles and miles around.

Pray for our little Enoch. He is in the midst of a sickle cell crisis. His body hurts so much he does not want me to hold me. He lays on the couch and groans in pain. We checked his HB today and he is still in the "safe zone" as far as needing a transfusion. We have seen the Lord heal Elyssa (our other child with sickle cell) on numerous occassions and we are trusting Him to do the same for Enoch. Quite ironic that I trust Jehovah Rafah to heal my children but not me.

P.S. I do not dismiss medical doctors.
But I do know that I need to trust the Lord more for healing.


;-) said...

Poor little precious one. Praying for all of you.

His Hands His Feet Today said...

That's a good word!!!!

James 1:27 Family said...

Lord, please heal little Enoch. Please relieve him of pain and heal his body for Your glory.
In Jesus' matchless name, Amen.

Shonni said...

Sweet friend, how true these words are...I will be praying with you and for you...and little Enoch!!

BETHANY said...

Glad that PS was thrown in there. :)

Nothing wrong with medical intervention and I believe God can/does use it, but it can't be where we place our trust. Sounds like you know this is a trust issue for you.

Praying that you'll clearly see how the Lord wants to deal with your health, whether through medicine or miracles.

Adeye said...

Oh my friend, I love your heart and you honesty so much.

Standing with you and trusting for absolute and complete healing in every area of your body. That He alone would touch those places that need a healing touch from Him.

Trusting for your miracle.

Are These Kids All Yours? said...

Our God can HEAL completely! I believe it, and have seen it on several occasions- the spirit & the physical body. I pray Enoch will know it - I pray in the name of Jesus that his body will feel the true comfort of THE FATHER'S TOUCH. I also pray that you my friend will FEEL THAT SAME TOUCH OF HEALING FROM A FATHER THAT LOVES, GIVES, & HEALS FREELY!

May God give you the strength, resolve, wisdom, and desire to go where you are being called to go. Can't wait to see where that is & how MIGHTILY HE will use your family to bring others to Himself!