Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Abandoned to His will.

"Do I know my risen Lord? Do I know the power of the indwelling Spirit? Am I wise enough in God's sight, but foolish enough according to the wisdom of the world , to trust in what Jesus Christ has said (go into all the world and make disciples)? Or am I abandonding the great supernatural position of limitless confidence in Christ Jesus, which is really God's only call for a missionary...Oswald Chambers

All authority has been given to me...Go therefore."

My blogging silence has been twofold.

First off, my mother took me on a three night get away at a resort in Jinja
(the source of the Nile river). Upon arriving home for a day, loving on my kiddos and organizing the house, I was blessed to go on a two night date with my husband--the first time ever since we have lived in Uganda (5+ years). What a blessing Nana has been, and what a lovely time she has had with her grandkids.

Secondly, without going into a whole lot of detail in this post, we are feeling the Lord nudge our hearts, as we have abandoned our wills to Him. This "abandonement" will bring much sacrifice and change for our sweet little family (yes, I said little as I know God is not done placing the lonely into our family). I have found the little free time I have is spent meditating on the Word. seeking the Lord and planning....Please pray with us.


James 1:27 Family said...

Please forgive me for being "off-topic" with this comment. We are traveling to Uganda to meet a baby girl who is very sick and has HIV. We are a little scared (although our hearts trust in God's sovereignty) and would love to ask you a few questions. I know you are busy, so if you can't get back to us, we understand. Our e-mail is

Love in Jesus,

Melissa G. said...

What a blessing for you to be able to get away for a bit.

I'm looking forward to hearing what the Lord is teaching you and how He is leading you.

Shonni said...

I will be in prayer as you look to the LORD for His will!
By the way...I have missed you!

BETHANY said...

So glad you got a couple breaks. How fun to have girl time with your mom and couple time with Zane. Love it!

Praying for you as things change in your family.

Gary and Michelle said...

So pleased you have had a wonderful time with your Mom ... and even time with your husband!!!

We will be praying for you and with you about God's changes in your lives.

Are These Kids All Yours? said...

It is great to get away to refresh your souls together! Praying as God moves you to where you need to be!

Adeye said...

How wonderful to have you back, my friend. I am so absolutely thrilled that you got to have time away. What a huge blessing from the Father!

I can hardly wait to hear what He is doing.

Share soon, or I may begin to nag you :)

Love you.

His Hands His Feet Today said...

Wow! What a BLESSING you received! I pray you are refreshed and ready to carry on!

The Frechette's said...

What a blessing for you to have some down time! We are praying for you guys as God leads you to do His will. Much love from Ashland!!

soontobemomof9 said...

Time away makes time with that much sweeter! What a wonderful gift from your mom!

I can't wait to hear your news! :)

~ shi ~ said...

I just love Mom's! bless her for giving you a much needed break and a mom's love and support!...I can not wait to hear what the Lord is leading you to!..I hope your respite has girded up your loins for the next round of battle..Sweet success is yours from Jesus! blessings

Michelle A said...

What a fantastic blessing to have such good time of refreshment! I can't wait to hear what God is up to next your life!

Laura said...

oooOoooOOOoo...Kingfisher. Hope you had a most restful time.