Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I got a few calls from my husband yesterday. The Lord is doing "much more than we could have thought or imagined"--how often do we expect that despite the fact that it is clear in scripture?

The village Jesus Film showing brought amazing fruit. Atleast 100 people came forward to follow Christ and then they asked my husband, "now what are we supposed to do, we have no church?" My husband is ready to pack us all up, move to the deep bush of Northern Uganda, and be the answer to thier question. Hmmmm....have I ever mentioned that I lived in the bush of Zambia for a year (when I was 19 years old).

Later last night, my husband and the "crew" drove into the nearest town and showed the Jesus Film again. This time over 600 people showed up to watch. Unfortunetly, a rain storm hit just as the movie finished and very few people stayed behind for follow up. However, just like the Lord, 30 little children stayed behind for prayer. "Jesus loves the little children."

Also, we are seriously praying about fostering/adopting Ethan's brother--he is around six years old. Before you call us crazy, please rememeber the words of the Lord, "He places the lonely in families." The boy is currently living with an uncle who already cares for eight other children, most not being his own. Because of twenty years of war and devistation, the people are just beginning to re-farm and re-plant, however, they have very little to work with as far as tools and supplies. The people have nothing. They survive off of maize and millet--Zane said there is no fruit to speak of and very few, if any, vegetables. There is no opportunity for education. And most importantly, the village is full of spiritual death. We believe that adoption is evangelism and that each child we bring home has been redeemed for this purpose, to know God!

Pray with us. Believe with us. And trust with us that God wants to do much more than we could ever think or imagine.


Shonni said...

That is so wonderful...thank you LORD!!!
And we also believe that adoption is I so understand your heart!

Shauna said...

I wouldn't call you crazy, I would call you crazy for Our Savior - wanting to rescue all that you can from the grips of death!

Bethany W. said...

I don't think you are crazy! I think you and your husband are amazing! What Love you have for the Lord and for people! You have a most precious family, and I will pray for you all as you consider taking on one more. I would be very happy for you.

As for moving to the bush... that may be crazy ; )

I love reading your blog. It really stretches me. I see my husband reading your blog now, too! You are a blessing to our family as you document your own trials and joys!

You really do stretch my mind!
Love from Missouri,

Are These Kids All Yours? said...

I think you are in Christ's will and mind. The right place to be no matter what the world thinks!!!! I will be praying for your decision, and God's provision and direction for your family. I am also doing a huge celebration for all those that were moved by the Spirit!!!!!!! YEAH GOD!!!! Amazing what God DOES DO!!!

JG said...

"We believe that adoption is evangelism and that each child we bring home has been redeemed for this purpose, to know God!"

Amen!! You are not crazy, you being the hands and feet of Jesus. One day those children will rise and call you blessed for loving them and sharing Jesus with them.

Our journey following Christ said...

To the world, you are totally bananas! But we don't serve the world. We serve another Master. One who is faithful to us and who loves us.

You are so sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit in your lives and so willing to obey, no matter the cost.

You inspire me.


Renee Leonis said...

Summer & Zane,

You guys are the perfect example right out of our Bible Study. We are studing Kings (The Divided Kingdom and the Minor Prophets). You have your calling from GOD & you are obedient & are using it to glorify HIM!!!

Here is our memory verses for the last two weeks:

Proverbs 2:6
"The LORD gives wisdom and from HIS mouth come knowledge and understanding."

1 Kings 8:61
"Your hearts must be fully commited to the LORD our GOD,
to live by HIS decrees and obey HIS commands, as at this time."

Love & Hugs & prayers for all
your beautiful family,
Renee & Family

Anonymous said...

Oh Dear...Run and grab up this little one too!...Jesus owns the cattle on a thousand hills and He knows what he is doing! you gave me chills as I read this...I WANT TO BE THERE WITH YOU!...I want to help you and yet all I have to offer is prayer...I know prayer is so important, not to lesson it...But...! Hands on..ya know..So for now..Lifting you both in prayer a little envy...Can you imagine that..I bet you laugh at that some days huh...But you are living my dream... :) Blessing to you both.