Wednesday, September 30, 2009

will I be that one?

"If a person is ever going to do anything worthwhile, there will be times when he must risk everything by his leap in the dark...By the test of common sense, Jesus Christ's statements may seem mad, but when you test them by the trial of faith, your findings will fill your spirit with the awesome fact that they are the very words of God. Trust competely in God, and when He brings you to a new opportunity of adventure, offering it to you, see that you take it. We act like pagans in a crisis-only one out of an entire crowd is daring enough to invest faith in the character of God." Oswald Chambers.

Are you daring to invest? Am I daring to invest?

The Lord is doing something bigger than we ever imagined. Details to come, as the Lord reveals them!


Are These Kids All Yours? said...

Oh I can't wait- Love to hear how the Lord is moving!!! Yeah, and praying for whatever your secret is!

Gary and Michelle said...

Yes we are!!!!

Looking forward to hearing about what God is doing with your family :-)