Friday, September 4, 2009

Aren't their souls worth more than luxury and plenty?

I was just over at and after reading Linny's post on finances and adoption I felt compelled to share a bit of our "journey of faith."

When we first moved to East Africa we knew that the Lord would have us adopt. Of course we had no idea, at the time, that we would live in a counrty that was literally flooding with unwanted/orphaned children or that the governement made it very simple for us, who live in the country, to adopt these children. God had it all planned out from the beginning of time--now that is something too wonderful for me to comprehend!

Back to our journey. After living in the country for one year, the Lord gave us the go-ahead to begin taking in precious souls. We lived off a "meager" salary and already had two small children. Now, on a side note. Many people have the assumption that being a missionary in Africa must be cheap. This is FAR from the truth. Without going into all the financial details, we have to pay $1000's of dollars to even live in the counrty as forgeiners. The price of fuel is almost $5/gallon, a block of cheese is $10 and the average cost of rent is between $800-$1000 *I will share our miracle housing story later in this post*.

"Some may trust in horses, some may trust in chariots, (some may trust in a salary), but we will trust in the name of our God!"

When we brought in our first baby we lived in a tiny 600 sq foot apartement. We often only ate beans and potatoes and local fresh produce. But this was the sacrafice we made for a soul. Then the Lord called us out of the city to be part of a church plant outside of town. However, the place He was calling us too was also the location of a UN base--meaning the housing prices were quite a bit more (the UN gives their employees $1000+ month for housing). Through a series of God ordained circumstances, we were blessed with a house that cost 1/3 of the price of all other houses in the area. The landlord was an amazing Christain woman who had relocated to the UK after the death of her husband. She liked what we were doing and agreed to keep the rent low. Even to date our landlord rarely asks for the rent money--we often do repairs in exchange.

Another side note. The process of adoption for those of us that live in the counrty is a three year process. We first become foster parents and then we hire a lawyer to help us obtain legal guardianship through the high courts. After having the children in our care for three years we then go back to the high courts to finalize the adoption. There are lawyer fees both times we go to the courts and many other expenses concured along the way--mind you I realize that we pay far, far less than those adopting via the I-600 route. But, it is all relative.

To date we have become legal guardians of four children, are in the process of getting guardianship of another child and are finalizing the foster papers for baby E wherein we will turn around and hire a lawyer to go back to the high courts for guardianship. Two of these children have a life threatening disease--the reason they were abandoned due to the "high" cost of medical treatment for the average Ugandan.

The last time we went to high court our lawyer was worried that the judge would question our financial ability to take in another child--and this the judge did. We replied honestly and told the judge that we were giving these children a future and a hope and that although they will never have "much" they will have love. He granted us favor!

I tell you all of this because, as Linny spoke of, finances should never be an issue in adoption. It is the heart of the Father to care for the orphan. We have chosen, even on the mission field, to live as meager as possible so that we can take in as many children as the Lord would see fit. Remembering that it was Jesus who set the example of sacrafice, "giving up everything." We have chosen not to travel back to the states as much--most missioanaries travel every one/two years. We still eat very simply, buy our kids clothes at the local market, homeschool using donated books...

Aren't these little souls worth more than luxury and plenty?


Bethany W. said...


Thank you for sharing part of your journey! I praise God for the work of "redeeming and rescuing" that you write about! People like you, who are really LIVING what they believe, are an inspiration to me!


Anonymous said...

Oh, this was a wonderful run down on what you are gives those of us praying for you a little more to lift up in prayer to our your behalf...I am so thankful that you are there and are doing something that I have only dreamed about!...I could not go..(YET!)..but have raised my girls to be able to..and desire and want God's will in their you are in your childrens...and so the cycle continues for Christ...Blessing and Thank You for this short bio...It truely does put it all into a see-able picture for those of us at home, of course, wherever home is right! :)

Sarah Dawn said...

Beyond belief, your post touched my heart. We too know the joys and difficulties of living on the mission field. Oh how we would love to bring these children home. But God has another plan and God will provide (in our own strength, there is no way) but in only in God's.

Blessings from the rain,
Sarah Dawn

Are These Kids All Yours? said...

ABSOLUTELY WORTH IT!!!!!! We agree!!! We would never be able to do more adoptions, but through grace, mercy, and living a simple life as much as possible.

Anonymous said...

Family is always worth the high cost, whether birthed blessed OR simply blessed! :) Amazing journey. Glad to read your are feeling better.
Jessie at Blog Schmog

Adeye said...

Oh wow--thank you so much for sharing your amazing journey in the Lord. I am so encouraged, dear friend. Thank you for being His hands and His feet to those precious little ones. You are an amazing woman of a mighty God!

Michelle A said...

Thank you for sharing this! Gary and I have a deep appreciation of your sacrificial lifestyle so that others may be helped and saved. You guys are a great example to us.

Amy said...

Thank you so much for sharing your story. Your family is beautiful and I love how you really do live what you believe. Amy

David and Sarah said...

Thank you for giving ALL things to He Who is Worthy!!

TheHappyNeills said...

Amen, sister! What trivial, fleeting things people throw money away at! We live frugally, and definitely did not have the means to provide for an adoption. We knew HE'd provide where He leads....boy did the Lord blow us away by providing FORTY THOUSAND dollars! And we thought "faith" would look something like: somehow coming up with $10k on our own over 18 months or so, $10k in donations/fundraisers, and a $20k loan to cover the rest. Now we just continue to trust through the Kyrgyzstan delays.

Thanks for sharing some of your story!

soontobemomof9 said...

YES they are!!! What a lovely heart and a lovely testament of faith you share with us! Thank you! \

Our adoption journey to date towards the girls is ALL GOD FUNDED! I STILL go to the mail box each morning in anticipation of the huge "CHECK" for the rest of the funds needed. Now mind you, I don't expect it to be there, but my heart gets excited just knowing that GOD will provide, and wondering just how and when!!!! :)