Friday, August 14, 2009

My heart is disturbed within me

I am going to take a break from posting my study as I would like to know the hearts of my readers--if there remain any. As I discuss what I have been studying and read comments, I am disturbed by the truth that many people do not believe that Jesus Christ and His Word are enough. I told my husband last night, "I feel like I am trying to defend the Lord." So, I am going to start a poll (comments appreciated) asking you all if you believe Jesus is enough according to what is spoken in 2 Peter chapter 1,

"By His divine power, God has given us EVERYTHING we need for life and godliness in Christ Jesus."


"The word of God is alive and powerful. It is sharper than the sharpest two edged sword, cutting between soul and spirit, between joint and marrow. It exposes our innermost thought and desires." Hebrews 4:12

Jesus came to heal the sick....not just physically but emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Will you let JESUS be enough?


TheHappyNeills said...

Yes I believe Jesus can truly heal and transform!

I've really appreciated reading this gal's blog--she's a very godly, educated, knowledgeable, and insightful woman. Their home and hearts are filled with the Word of God, and their home is filled with many children, many of whom have "labels". (Here's the link, the sidebar has topical labels for the posts related to disabilities, labels,

I do think labels are probably over-used, but there are times when they are truly legit. FASD, RAD, etc. that has occurred because of a child's past means actual brain damage that can alter the way a brain perceives things, processes, responds...

I don't think you've been saying that those things can simply be addressed/corrected as matters of the heart the same way we address those things in "normal" children (adopted or bio), but it might come across to some that way. Perhaps clarifying your views on that point would be helpful.


Gary and Michelle said...

Hi Summer

Yes, Jesus is enough, we don't 'need' specialists, but I think He has given us them to help us.

He can heal and does heal, physically and emotionally, but sometimes uses doctors and medicines as His tools for healing.

Two of my kids were labeled (one was bipolar, adhd and intermittent explosive disorder) and yes, like you I dislike labels. God has chosen not to heal them, but has led us to a place where we were able to get them tested for chemical imbalances. My son had a high copper level in the brain which leads to impulsive, thoughtless and aggressive behaviors.

We have been treating them with vitamins and minerals. They are doing so much better.

We still have heart issues that we need to address, but when they are stable in their minds it's a little easier ;-)

Keep posting the series I am really interested in what you have to say.

I am still praying for your healing, whether Jesus alone heals you or uses medicines and specialists to help.

God bless you and your family.


BETHANY said...

What comments are disturbing you? Have you not posted ones that don't completely agree with what you've posted? Just curious.

I think Kendra hit the nail on the head. I think a lot of labels are smacked onto kids unnecessarily and for a variety of reasons. However, *not* all issues are heart issues either.

I don't think the adoptive parent of a child with severe behavioral/mental/emotional problems caused by brain damage or other developmental problems rooted in abuse or neglect should feel like they aren't trusting Jesus enough when they accept the label given to their child or seek medical ways of dealing with the problems.

Wow, that was a long sentence! :)

Anyway, I know your heart is right, but I have to admit that I have a friend who came to mind when I read your last couple posts and I know your words would have seemed harsh and hurtful to her. Their world is unreal and they're doing the best they can to keep everyone safe. Praying and imparting spiritual wisdom isn't keeping one of their adopted sons from making death threats or being taken into custody by the state.

Which leads me to my other thought. A lot of these behavioral issues *are* heart issues. As parents we have to instruct, train, and guide. However, and this is a big "however", we absolutely can not control the hearts or wills of our children. We can give them all the tools and truth they need to live godly lives, but ultimately they make their own choice.

One more thing and then I have to go to bed. I don't think that believing Jesus is enough and
seeking the help of specialists are necessarily mutually exclusive. If the help you are seeking does not contradict scripture, then why not get all the help you can for a hurting child?

I don't think that a parent who seeks out professional help for their child's behavioral or emotional issues doubts that Jesus is enough any more than I would think that of you for seeking out professional help for your health issues. Only the person in the situation knows where their level of trust in Jesus is.

BETHANY said...

Oops. Forgot one thing.

I believe Jesus is enough. I believe he can completely and miraculously work in people's lives.

I also believe he can use other people, whether friends, family or professionals, as instruments in his hands to work in people's lives.

I also believe he can choose not to heal people.

In my opinion, believing that Jesus is enough doesn't mean one can't seek out professional help for a problem. However, for some reason many people take that approach to emotional, mental and behavioral problems. Yet those same people will seek professional help for medical, financial and dental problems. I think that inconsistency is what confuses me.

And now it's after midnight and I absolutely must hit the sack!!

JG said...

Thank you for these posts and study you've been doing. These heart issues you describe I guess mean something different to me than they do others, because I see these behaviors exhibited in my Christian friends who feel that, either due to Grace or their own interpretation of the law (where "cursing" means like black-magic cursing, not cussing) they see no reason to submit that behavior to Christ, and I really have no idea to approach that topic out of love and not judgment.

I've had to struggle with similar medical/spiritual conflicts in my own life. If you get the chance, here's the link to my testimony: I'd also appreciate your insight in dealing with one of the responders, because I am over my head. You'll know when you see it.

Thank you, again, for being so transparent, and willing to be used by God.

Melissa said...

Not only do I believe Jesus is enough, I believe His Word contains everything we need to train and raise our children. Everything we need to help them overcome whatever comes at them.

I am right there with you you in abhorring labels. I also hate secular psychology, especially when it conflicts with the Word and my Christian brothers and sisters buy into the lie. For instance, I have hear countless people say that adoption really isn't the best option. The best option is they get to stay in their culture with their people. Sure the best option is that all families stay intact with loving and healthy mothers and fathers to raise godly children. Given that we live in a fallen world...that just isn't always going to happen. Scripture tells us that adoption is ALWAYS a beautiful thing. ALWAYS a GOOD thing. We are adopted, earthly adoption is a picture of that part of the gospel. Why then would we ever say it is second best to a continent and a culture? In the case of earthly adoption, is it not better to be raised in a safe home where love abounds, food and shelter are plenty, and mothers and fathers love unconditionally? Should we ever really say that it's better they have their culture???

Or how about dicipline? Most adoptive parents I have spoken with are appaled that I use spankings as ONE form of discipline with ALL my children. "Even the adopted ones?" they gasp in horror. Yes, even them. Scripture does not differentaite between my children in how God tells me to raise them. He sees them all the same and sees their need of traning all the same.

Not only that but I truly believe adoptive parents are always on the lookout for "problems" that may be creeping up in their child. Far too often, common behavior problems that are really contributed to SIN are too ofetn wrote off as "problems because they were adopted." We are not only doing our children a GREAT disservice when we do this, we are more importantly failing in the command to train our children in godliness.

It's time we STOP listening to the world and start BELIEVING JESUS and DOING what He says is right and good.

Children who are adopted OFTEN do come hurting, sick, and confused about what love and family look like. That is EXACTLY how we come to Christ. If Jesus was enough for ALL our great and deep spiritual needs, he is MORE THAN ENOUGH for all of our (and our children's) earthly hurts and needs.

Yes, Jesus Christ is all sufficient for all people for all things for all time.

Melissa said...

I also want to add, and I suppose this might really stir the pot, and that is not my intention...but nonetheless. I think we would be VERY PRUDENT to think about the spiritual side of things when we are dealing with a child who has multiple "mental" issues. We fight not against flesh and blood but against princes and principalities. Especially when children come from places where ancestor worship, witchcraft, and the like is prevalent, we should really stop to consider what "evil force" for lack of a better word, if that may be what is behind the behavior. In America we tend to forget, or not believe, that demons are active and influential. Children should be prayed over time and time again, releasing them from those family ties and bondage, claiming the blood of Christ over them till they are able and willing to do it for themselves. Just a thought....

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a great question! I believe that Jesus created us for community. In fact, He is the one who says that we should not forsake fellowshipping with other believers. This may not appear to answer your question, but I think it does partially in the sense that it makes clear that God never intended for it to be us and our Bibles. We are meant to live in COMMUNITY!

I believe that if the Body of Christ functioned as it should, there would be little need "counselors." The older, more mature believers would be discipling the younger generations AND Christians would be bearing one another's burdens in a way that would make the need for counselors non-existent. However, until the church functions as it should, I believe that there is much need for Christian counselors to help people who are hurting and struggling and need someone to speak truth into their lives.

I agree with you that quite a bit of what we classify as "psychological disorders" likely stem from heart issues. There is significant research that shows that when there is trauma in a person's life, it can change the brain chemistry. If this is the case, I believe that when the heart it healed it is *possible* that the brain chemistry could be restored to a healthy state and the person can be made healthy and whole again. I agree that too much of our least in America...puts the blame on "uncontrollable" chemical imbalances or other such things when the truth is that when the heart it dealt with those imbalances can be reversed.

So, do I think that "Jesus is enough?" I believe that Jesus CAN supernaturally heal a person, but I also know that quite often He uses a process that may involve counseling and/or medication for a time in addition to prayer and the reading of scripture. I think your heart is right, but I hesitate to limit what the Lord may use to bring healing by saying "Jesus is enough" if that is limiting what He may choose to use in an individuals life for healing.

laurad said...

I am not nearly as eloquent as my dear sweet friend, Melissa (wave!), but I can say beyond all doubt, that MY Jesus is enough.

Jeremiah said...

Jesus is enough. He is intimate with every atom, every molecule, every tiny thing of His creation, and nothing is outside of His Lordship over all things. BUT sometimes He chooses the miraculous, and sometimes He chooses indirect means to assert His will. We know that medicinal things are not frowned upon in the scriptures. God works in many ways, and if you are completely sure that He is telling you in the Holy Spirit that something will occur, stay the course. If not, keep praying and do whatever you can. We are finite beings trying to figure out the will of Him who flung the stars afar and yet deigns to stoop to our level to turn our cold hearts into something new, something we can hardly understand. Keep asking Him to shape and guide your heart and mind to do what He wills for you.

Bridget said...

Jesus is enough!!!!!!! He's all we need! I was just talking about this to my husband.