Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The reality of sin

This morning, during snack time, the kids and I were praying for a medical island outreach that daddy was part of today. I was explaining to the kids that many of the adults on this particular island have been effected physically by their sin--HIV/AID--and that God's word clearly outlines how we need to live and that doing otherwise leads to pain, sickness and an unhappy life. Let me add, in no way am I saying that children born with HIV have been afflicted because of sin--they are innocent and precious souls who's lives are affected by their parents unwise choices.

A lady that works in our home, who loves Jesus too, overheard me talking with the kids and she shared with us this story, the reality of sin and its gross effects *this is a hard story to read.

Last night a woman and her two month old baby lay sleeping in bed. A jealous second wife, who lived in the same home but unable to get pregnant, quietly took the sleeping baby and suffocated him/her until dead. The baby was then stuffed down into a pit latrine. This morning the baby was found. The husband was caught in the middle if his own sinful making. And this all happened right behind our wall.

Reality of life in a third world country. But how different is it than abortion? Or parents getting so high on drugs that their children become the victims of cruel abuse? We as Christians must respond with the hope of the gospel. And the love of Jesus Christ. Remembering, "the people perish for lack of knowledge."


Shonni said...

Amen, and our children must be taught this too.

Adeye said...

Oh dear--that just turns my stomach. But, you are so right, friend--no different to the things that happen behind our own houses in the USA. No different. Sin is sin--it just comes in different shapes and forms. All miserable.

Tina said...

I always tell my kids that God gave us free will, it is our choice of how we use it. If you make sinful choices, there will be a price to pay. Also, I love the new picture of your family. God Bless.