Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I am being completely raw in this post in the hopes that it will encourage other mama's. My morning went horribly, terribly bad because of.......MY sin. I was selfish, frustrated, irritable and angry. However, I did not do what I needed to do from the moment I got up this morning--"the good you know you ought to do and you don't, it is sin." Yep, I lived in sin all morning because I knew that I was being wooed by my Lord to come and sit at His feet and I did not. Why do I do this? The Father promises that if we "come unto Him and ask we will receive what we ask for." The word "ask" in the original language actually means beg--and to beg shows that I know that I really need what I am asking for. Oswald Chamber, in his devotional 'My Utmost for His Highest' says this (which just happened to be my devo. for today, that I just picked up--way too late as it is already noon),

"Some people are poor enough to be interested in their poverty, and some of us are poor enough spiritually to show our interest....A pauper does not ask out of any reason other than the completely hopeless and painful condition of his poverty. He is not ashamed to beg--"blessed are the paupers in spirit (Matthew 5:3)."


blessedmomto7 said...

It's only 5:57 a.m. here and I woke with a POUNDING heacache-ready to BE GROUCHY for the day. Thanks for reminding me where I need to be! HUGS TO UGANDA!

His Hands His Feet Today said...

Praying you have a better day! and can't wait until you are holding your new baby :)

Are These Kids All Yours? said...

THANK YOU for being so honest....because I am in the same boat!!!!! That is me! It is great to know that I am only human, and when I am not on track with Jesus....it stinks and my family and God are the ones I need forgiveness from. Thank God for kids and a husband who love me!!!

Anonymous said...

I have not read my Utmost for a lot of years...I may need to pull it out soon, I am reading several others right now tho'...I pulled out my Watchman Nee the other day and started it over, it has been about ten years since I read it..

I love that you make the scripture so easy to follow..I guess I mean to the point that you are simply taking it as it states...not theol-o-gizing it, to death! I do not think Jesus meant for it to be so hard to understand that no one would!..thanks for reminding us. I am working very hard at what come out of my mouth!, it would seem that every scripture is telling me to be very careful with what you say, for ALL ppl are Gods creation and He loves each and every one dearly...Blessing Shi~

Sarah Dawn said...

Oh, thank you for the rawness, the realness, the good and the covered in His blood days. I needed it today. A reminder, a gentle nudge, a kick if I must say, to remember to start my day the right way at His feet. Other things scream louder, but it is HIs whisper to come that I need to hear.

Always blessed by your words,
Sarah Dawn

Chris said...

I doubt you remember at all but I met you at the Lake Vic a couple of years ago on one of our trips to my 'heart-home',Uganda. On that particular trip we were visiting one of our daughters & her husband who were living in Kampala at the time. I believe they'll be back there in God's timing. As friends of the C*rters we'd met Zane previously too. On a separate visit I led a team of women who helped with the Saturday progamme for the children. I'm so excited when I hear of adoptions as I believe adoption is at the very heart of God - after all we're adopted as His sons and daughters when we give our hearts & lives to Him. When all my children were small (we have 9 & 7 in heaven)my 'motto' was 'keep on keeping on'. In all the routine,struggles, joys & excitement of family life I reminded myself that the little things DO matter... the reading of that story AGAIN!!, washing faces , hands, bottoms...., training, teachng, kissing, loving... all matter and add up to a rich & loving, fruitful life for all involved. Just today my oldest daughter, a mum of one, said to me.. I LOVE our family! ... rich reward indeed. They are each others best friends and love being together.
I'm a woman blessed.
I guess what I really want to say is be encouraged. As you say, a day which starts off badly doesn't have to continue that way or finish that way.
Your blog is an encouragement to this Mum

Joyful mom said...

Uggg--we all have those days, hey? How desperately I need to begin each and every day at His feet. What a beautiful reminder.

What is happening about Jack, friend? Is he doing okay?