Monday, January 26, 2009

They are HOME!

Thanks so much for your prayers! Zane and Ethan arrived home....Ethan has already had a bath, been lathered down with skin cream, been cuddled and now lays in his new bed wrapped in a soft blanket--he even gave me a few sweet little smiles. I will post photos tomorrow.


scrappy quilter said...

PTL, we are rejoicing with you.

JLW said...

AHHHAA!!!! FANTASTIC! PRAISE THE LORD! We are so happy for you all - we'll pray for a quick adjustment now that he's home. : ) Post some pictures soon, too!

a woman found said...

Oh Yeah!!! Praising God with you!!! Just fills my heart with joy... been thinking about Ethan all morning.


BETHANY said...


Shauna said...

Ya! Praise Him! I can not wait to tell my kids as we have been praying. This will be awesome to show God's faithfulness to them (and me)!

Anonymous said...

Praise The Lord! I am so happy for you and I am sure that yourwhole family is so excited! Give Ethan a Hug for me! Bless that little lamb! I know that you will take great care of this boy!

Blessings, kisses, and hugs to your beautiful family of 9 NOW!


simmie flock said...

Father Jesus, we praise You!!

Oh, how we praise Your name, Lord!!!

We acknowledge that EVERY SINGLE DETAIL it took to get Ethan to where he is this very moment was overseen and orchestrated by YOU!

You chose to use Summer and her family to bring Ethan to a home filled with Your Spirit and Your salvation! And as of this moment, Your will has been fulfilled in that Ethan is right where you want him.

Thank You, Jesus, for the little, yet big, comforts of a warm bath, soft, healthy skin enveloped in lotion, a comfortable bed, soft blankets, and sweet smiles! And most importantly, all these things given to Ethan through loving, trusting and safe hands moved by You.

We stand in awe of Your work, Lord! You amaze us, yet we know not to be surprised by all the miracles You perform. We don't need to be a witness to any of them to believe in You, yet You choose to bestow them upon us. What gifts!

Thank You, Jesus!

We ask that Your work continue in Ethan's life and in his new, AND PERMANENT, home!

The joy Summer's family has in where Ethan is right now is only a sliver of the joy You are experiencing, seeing Your children, young and old alike, look to You, lean on You and trust in You completely for this and all situations.

Thank You, Father! WE-THANK-YOU!


blessedmomto7 said...

Oh, how precious. How good it must feel to have your boy home.

Gary and Michelle said...

Praise the Lord