Wednesday, January 21, 2009

On speaker with the clan via cell phone

I am laughing right now as I picture a bunch of clan elders, sitting around their grass huts, talking on a cell phone via speaker with an American family that most definitely do not speak Acholi.
With that put aside, I am so grateful for all your prayers. The speaker phone call went just fine, however, the uncle that is causing all the current problems was not in attendance because he went out hunting...Therefore, we will try speaking with him tomorrow. Please pray that the Lord softens his heart and that he understands that we have no ill intentions in adopting his 'nephew' (I use that loosly as he is not blood related). It is very difficult for the people to understand the concept of adoption. They can not honestly understand how someone can love, nurture and raise a child that is, as they say, "not your own." We pray that through our obedience to adopt people will understand the love of Christ!


blessedmomto7 said...

I was laughing as I was imagining that in my head....

His Hands His Feet Today said...


a woman found said...

I just praise God for this. I think of how Paul wrote that a great door had been opened for him in Ephesus and that there were many adversaries. It seems in this adversarial stall God is opening a greater door than just for Ethan, but for His light to shine on many of the people in his tribe that you're getting this opportunity to speak with via cell phone. It does make me smile too though... I can just picture it.

Oh Lord Jesus shine on these people. Speak, "Awake oh sinner, rise from the dead and Christ will give you light" to the souls of these that Summer and Zane are having to encounter in their desire to bring Ethan home. Quicken the souls of these people that they might see Jesus and be saved!

Bring Ethan home Lord in the way that brings you the most glory!