Wednesday, January 21, 2009

For a lack of understanding...

...the people perish.
Last night at 11pm we got a call from Ethan's uncle. A clan/tribe member has decided that he is going to make an issue out of us trying to adopt Ethan. He is the cousin/ half brother of Ethan's mom. He has never had contact with Ethan....It seems so strange to us that this man, who has not had anything to do with Ethan for over three years, is now seeming so concerned. Why would anyone step in the way of a child's future of a loving and secure home?
The enemy will use whoever is in his path.
The meeting is continuing today with a scheduled call from this man. He wants to hear from us that we are sorry for the death of Ethans mom and that we promise to take care of Ethan. He has even gone as far as saying he wants frequent reports on how the child is doing. Again, he has never had anything to do with Ethan up to this point.
Where is the understanding in all of this?


blessedmomto7 said...

Praying now..

love2bmom said...

I am so sorry. I am praying for you and Ethan and this relative. Sounds like some of the stories we have heard about the foster care system here in the good ole' USA.



scrappy quilter said...

Through our adoptions we've seen God move and answer pray. I'm praying all will go well with this adoption.

simmie flock said...

Dear Lord....
It brings tears to my eyes as my heart pounds so heavy for Ethan and Summer's Family. Yet I have peace b/c I know it's not my heart but the Spirit's that is feeling this burden. Jesus, You work miracles!! And blessed is Summer's family who believes though they have not seen You face to face!! I pray in the name of Jesus Christ that His will be accomplished with Ethan. I pray until then a strong wall of protection around Ethan's heart, guarding what the enemy seeks to destroy. I pray Your very own Hands, Lord, cover Ethan's eyes, guarding what the enemy wants him to see. I pray You physically carry Ethan from place to place, setting him down right where You want him, Lord. I pray You cup You Hands over Ethan's ears, only allowing the praises of Your name and situations that bring You glory to enter into them. And I pray an unquenched excitement that Ethan can't explain in his heart, for the day when he is finally brought home to Summer's Family and can rejoice and sing praises to You.

We believe all these things, Lord. We trust Your Will and want to always be in alignment with it. And we know You are watching, protecting, and loving Ethan as if he were the only child on this earth, as You do with all Your children.

Thank You Lord Jesus. We love You.