Sunday, January 25, 2009

Lesson learned

This is Responsible E standing very 'proudly' in the middle of a playroom disaster--I am not sure about
her brothers attitude?Moments later I asked the kids if any of them would like to help mommy tidy up the playroom--they usually are expected to clean up, but I was making it a lesson this time. Brother E wanted to continue playing with his legos and Responsible E proceeded to look at a book. However, the three little E sisters happily began helping me (little was still napping)! As we were finishing up our cleaning I announced to my three little helpers that they would be given a treat for their cheerful willingness to help mommy. This, of course, brought brother E and Responsible E to their feet--"we will help!!" To late. The three little girls enjoyed a sweet while Responsible E sulked--brother E could have cared less--and Lord willing, learned that although we do not help in hopes of a treat, there usually is a blessing for being a cheerful and willing helper.

My, just to cute for words, willing and cheerul helpers enjoying a sweet.

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blessedmomto7 said...

Sounds just like me. The willingness to help often gets rewarded :)