Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The day

Today was a good day--a bit hectic in the morning because we were trying to get everything done before noon when we planned to head to the city to run errands, which included getting my stitches removed. During breakfast I read the kids the story of Daniel in the lions den. After clean up I made up some tracing worksheets of a lion for the little ones as well as an ABC tracing page. They are all at such different stages in their understanding and comprehension. Elianah is only three and already has her colors down as well as the sounds of a few letters. Eliza is happy and content to trace and color for an hour and loves to bead.

Ezekiel is teaching himself how to write and read short words like 'hi' and spends long hours looking at books and asking me what certain words say. Elyssa is the master colorer and Eryn thinks this is Elyssa's gift, haha--Eryn believes that she needs to help her brothers and sisters find their spiritual gifts--and coloring is on the list! Ezra always wants to join in and is beginning to trace simple shapes (and scribble).

I even gave Ethan a lion/ABC tracing page and he did very well--when he was not attempting to eat the coloring crayon.

Eryn is working on advanced phonics/reading, math, telling time down to the minute and writing a book called "Swan Princess." I sure need the wisdom of the Lord as I teach and admonish my children. By no means am I an education pusher, however, I due believe the Lord has entrusted to me the ministry of teaching these little ones, first about the love of Christ and secondly how to be good stewards and disciplined--that means learning to read even if it is hard!


scrappy quilter said...

What precious children.

Shauna said...

In our house learning to read has been one of the most exciting things! Good luck and enjoy - your kiddos are too sweet!

blessedmomto7 said...

Thanks for that reminder today-NOT AN EDUCATION PUSHER, I LOVE that, I think perhaps I am at times and I need to chill! Wish I could kiss each of those sweet ones on their darling cheeks!

a woman found said...

A house full of riches you have there!!! Praise God for each one. May He continue to equip you for the task.


simmie flock said...

I just want to encourage you, and probably more so Eryn and Elyssa, about the coloring gift. As with Eryn, our kids are big into keeping a watchful eye out for their spiritual gifts (along with us, as well). And with doing that, the Lord has really began showing us gifts in them that we may otherwise chalk off. For example, We've had our prayers focused on our 10 year old for at least a few years now in the area of Prayer Warrior. He used to pray so passionately, covering such huge spectrums for someone his age. As we've told him about this and have continued to pray about it, it has grown into what we believe really is a gift. It's so amazing to hear him pray.
Sorry, got off on a tangent intention was to let Eryn and Elyssa (and you) know that when I was Elyssa's age, I also colored. Colored my heart out, non stop. And it grew and grew, to the point where my dad (on earth) was trying to bury it b/c he was of this world and thought "coloring" or art was a waste. Long story short, I am now painting for our church, all the time. Painting for others, even bringing in money to our household thru my painting. Hence, it really WAS a gift of the Lord. It stayed with me my whole life, no matter the negative opposition that came against it. And it is being used to magnify Jesus now. It's all about Him. I take NO credit whatsoever.

So, maybe little Elyssa will have the same calling? And I LOVE that Eyrn looks for that in her siblings.

Beautiful children of the Lord!

Laurel said...

I started homeschooling when I had 6 little ones under 7 years old. :) That was 18 years ago, and I'm still at it. I have at least 11 years left ... as my 2 youngest are in 1st grade this year.

And, yes ... there is so much more to homeschooling than bookwork. Learning to read IS important. But I treasure my time as a homeschooler because I get to disciple my children. I get to raise them up in the admonition of the Lord.

I currently have 3 "big kids" serving the Lord overseas. Can't get any better than that!

mama of 13