Sunday, December 14, 2008


I would like to add, concerning my last two posts, that I in no way am placing my conviction upon any other family. It is between you and the Lord as the methods you choose to "train" up your children. Romans 14 is a wonderful verse to meditate on,
" not dispute over doubtful things...Read the chapter!

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simmie flock said...

Hi Summer!
I find this entire post topic refreshing because it's coming from your heart and is the result of offering your heart up to the Lord to be examined in the Light. I love how transparent you are (ALWAYS are), and how faithful you are to confess willingly on your blog areas Jesus is leading you in.

Never do I find something you've written offensive or to be taken personally or aimed at every other person/family/parent, etc. The Lord gives you a way of expressing sometimes controversial topics in a very humble, approachable way.

Thank you for being so willing to share with us areas that are dear to your heart.

Rarely do I leave your blog not being either lifted up, encouraged, having learned, or humbled myself.

And I NEVER leave your blog without chuckling and smiling, that's for sure. (You can thank your children for that...or better yet, I thank your children for that!) :)