Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Pharaoh's hardened heart and the parting of the red sea

The Lord gave me a neat picture last night as I was praying for Ethan.

Because Northern Uganda has been consumed by war and the effects therein it has caused many hearts to become calloused and hard. Like Pharaoh, the more plagues that took place the more hardened his heart became. When one allows his/her heart to become hard, a slow progression begins. What used to be considered suffering is now acceptable--i.e. starvation, disease, neglect, etc.. We were told, by a government official in Northern Uganda, that if a child is still alive physically, he/she is not suffering. You see, man looks at the outward appearance but God looks at the heart. Children were never created to be neglected, abandoned and left without hope. They may look healthy on the outside but their hearts are slowing wasting away. Just as the Israelites were never created to become enslaved and suffer under Pharaoh.

The story does not end here...Hope came through Moses. And the Lord made a way through the parting of the Red Sea. We too are trusting the Lord to part the 'red sea' for the sake of Ethan. "Pharaoh" may try to pursue us but we will continue to trust in the Lord our God!

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...Is Johnson said...

Hi Summer! I've been stopping by to read your blog. I see that you have a lot going on. I know that it will work out according to God's will. Ethan is such a precious boy. Your family is such a blessing. Be blessed and keep on blessing.