Monday, November 17, 2008

Persevering for the sake of a soul.

It was a good day in a lot of repsects. Elyssa joined me in Kampala today as she had to have an emergency tooth extraction. She was a tropper and is now front tooth toothless. I also brough her in for rountine blood tests. Her results show that not a lot has changed, although she has not had a sickle crisis in nearly two months, yeah! I spent a good thirty minutes, before the trip to the dentist/doctor, with the Child Commisioner pleading the cause of little Ethan. By the end of the day I got word that the district Ethan is currently residing has closed all doors to adoption. Thankfully, Ethan's uncle is being very helpful and is helping us in this "road block." It looks like Ethan will have to be brought to his uncles village, which is in another district, but just until we can finalize the paperwork. Please keep praying with us. We know that our perseverence is not in vain but rather is for the sake of a child's soul.

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Praying and Praying more....