Saturday, November 22, 2008

The clan has agreed...

I got a text message from Ethan's uncle last night and here is what it said, "am meeting with my clan elders...and they are in concensus giving you the child. So keep him well."
Thank you Lord for keeping Ethan in the palm of your hand. May you give us love, wisdom and strength, "to keep him well."
Before we know it we will be a family of nine--Dad (29), Mom (31), Ezra (2), Elianah (3), Elyssa (3), Ethan (3), Ezekiel and Eliza (3 1/2) and Eryn (6). WOW, this is a God thing.


love2bmom said...

I just left you a comment with my email address, as you once asked me a question on my blog, and I don't have your email address to be able to answer..... :) We have 2 wonderful sons who are grown and out of the house, and 7 adopted kids ranging from 8 to 8 months. They are all adopted either domestically (inner city) or from Korea. We are currently in process (for over a year now) to bring home Mary in Liberia, and have just added Tenneh in Liberia. It is not going well, and there is not progress, and we have faced the facts that they may only be the children in our hearts and not our arms.

I'd love to have your email if you want to share it. Will you please delete my email address from the blog comment before you post it?

JLW said...

WOW, YEAH! I TOTALLY SCREAMED WHEN I READ THIS! :) I'm so happy for you guys! and I can't wait to see some pictures of your "clan" of 3 years olds all together! :) Congrats and we'll keep praying for you all!


a woman found said...

Praise God!!! This is so awesome!

Shauna said...

Wow - Congrats! Praise God! When do you get him?