Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Jammie party and a Birthday Party--all in one day!

Sweet little Ella. This is my friend Grace's daughter.

What a fun-filled day the kids had yesterday. The morning was consumed with planning a birthday party, the afternoon was spent celebrating and with the evening came a jammie/movie party with new jammies and a new Little House series from aunty Leigh--brought via her daughter Beri.

And just a cute shot thrown in of Ezra and Eryn!


Captivated said...

how fun! have your kids watched Little Prairie before? do they love it? i want to rent those for our babes (or maybe put it on the christmas wish list from the granparents). i love the photos of your kids!

a woman found said...

I LOOOOOOVEEE Little House on the Prairie. In fact, I just rented the series one dvd's from our library this week and the boys have been watching them in the evenings while dad's watching baseball...and they like them too!

Great stuff!

The Frechette's said...

I too am a Little House fan. I've been borrowing some from friends who have all of the seasons. Sounds like the kiddos had a very fun day!