Friday, September 5, 2008

He delights in you...

"For the Lord delights in will your God rejoice over you." Isa 62:4

I admit that I find it hard to believe that the Lord delights and rejoices over me. At times I feel like such a stumbling failure. But, He is a God true to His Word--and if He says that He delights in me it has to be true--He can not go against His nature.

Thursday night is my communion time with the Father. I just kneel and wait upon Him. With the intent to first bring Him the glory due His name and then pray for my children and husband. Last night, as I was praying for Elyssa Mercy, God spoke to me in a powerful way. You see, Elyssa Mercy has been an utterly delightful little girl since she had her teeth fixed--9 caps and 1 tooth pulled (poor thing). And in all her joy-fullness, she follows me around all day saying, "mommy, look, mommy look!" She delights in finally having a mommy that loves and adores her.

Shouldn't we too delight in the fact that we have a Heavenly Father that loves us. We have been adopted as His sons and daughters.

Let our days be filled delighting in Him--because truly He utterly adores us. !


a woman found said...

Oh Summer that's so touching and true! What a powerful example our Father showed you through Elyssa. I needed that reminder tonight.

Captivated said...

i loved your group email this morning. love love loved it.