Saturday, July 19, 2008

A 6th child??

OK. I know that three blog posts in one day seems a bit over the top, but I realized that you all need an explanation. We have not adopted another child, however, we do have another child living with us! Her name is Mercy and she makes for my 3rd three year old in the house (atleast until Elianah turn three in September)--lots of bum wipin'. Her parents abandoned her at a distant relatives home, severly malnourished and neglected. However, that family did not want her either. I saw her at church and the Lord tugged my heart, again. Long story short, we pulled her out of the home--which would have been, in our opinion, the end of her dear little life. Because I have two other healthy three year olds I can gauge just how near death she was.

What a joy it was today to see her running around the yard for the first time. And although she only lasts 2-3 minutes at a time, she is gaining strength. And more importantly, she is seeing the love of Christ being poured out (through my feeble attempts). If the Lord prompts you, please pray for this little girl. At this point we know that the Lord has called us to save her physical life and pray for her spiritual life, too.

"Whatever you have done unto the least of these you have done unto Me."


Captivated said...

wow! praying for healing and praying for strength for you and zane!

a woman found said...

I am praying too!