Thursday, October 18, 2012

Where are we at...

"Count it all joy my brethren when you meet trails of various kinds, for you know that the testing of your faith produces steadfastness..." James 1:2

Dear Partners in the Gospel,

What lessons we are learning as we walk through "trials of various kinds."  Quite honestly, trials that we never could have imagined.

Zane just returned back to Kitgum after a quick two week visit to was a last minute decision after a delay in the adoption rulings...a window of opportunity that Zane took full advantage of. We likened it to a soldier coming off the battle field for a quick reprive.  Zane was able to be filled up spiritually and encouraged emotionally as he took part in several staff/pastors meetings at Roseburg Christian Fellowship.  He shared at two Calvary Chapel schools as well with the Jr. High kids on Wednesday night.  The children and I had a hard time saying good bye, again.  Please pray for Zane as he continues to press forward in the unpredictablity of the Ugandan courts system.  Elizabeth, Ezra and Elianah's court rulings should be delivered by the beginning of next week.  Zane is planning to head straight to the US Embassy to begin the immigration paperwork as soon as he has the rulings in hand.  Please pray for the judge, that he would be true to his word {this will be the third date we have been given to receive the rulings}  The lawyer is set to submit Elyssa, Ethan and Enoch's adoption files sometime next week in hopes of recieving a November court date.  Speaking of Elyssa, she was very sick last week.  A misdiagnosis led to a severe drop in her hemoglobin.  We are thankful for Therese, a fellow missionary, who rushed Elyssa to Kampala.  Praise the Lord that with a correct diagnosis/treatment, Elyssa's hemoglobin is rising on its own and a transfusion is not needed.  Its been very hard for me to hear of our children suffering when I can not be by their side.

One of the things we did while Zane was in Oregon was complete a homestudy with a private adoption agency.  We feel like we need to be 110% prepared for whatever the Ugandan court system throws our way.  It was such a huge praise to be able to write down that we have a home large enough for a family of fifteen.  We have been offered to rent the home of very close friends as they are being called to minister in Sitka, Alaska.  The home is massive in our eyes, compared to 18 foot mud huts.  It sits on 20 acres, has 5+ bedrooms, three bathrooms, a great room and a large kitchen.  We are absolutely amazed at God's provision.  Right now the plan is for myself, Eryn and Ezekiel to move out in January {once the house in available} and Lord willing Zane and atleast six children will follow close behind.  Also, it sounds like Brianna will be traveling back with this first group.  Please pray for the transition.

Where are we at? you may ask.  Walking by faith and not by sight.  We know that we know that God gave us each of our children...and we will not leave them as orphans.  We will fight until each and everyone is home here in Oregon.  It could take another six months or it could take a year, we do not know.  The Lord is faithful, that we know to be certain.  And we too want to be faithful. Please pray for Zane as he "fights the good fight" in Uganda and myself as I minister at Calvary Academy a ministry of Roseburg Christian Fellowship.  I would also ask that you pray me next Wednesday as I will begin IV therapy for the lyme disease.  Not a whole lot of progress has been made as far as my health goes.

With overwhelmingly grateful hearts we want to say THANK YOU to the churches/individuals who have been obedient to the Spirit's leading and have given towards the children's adoption expenses.  Right now we have the funds set aside to pay for the next three children's court fees, as well as the immigration fees for the first three children.  We would ask that you continue to pray with us for both adoption provisions as well as provisions to be living in two seperte places.  

How wonderful that "He who called you is faithful." 

Please, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask!  It is our desire that the Lord be glorified, the church be strengthened and unbeleivers see God's goodness through our lives.

Fellow Ambassador's,
Summer {for the McCourtney's}

P.S. The family from New York, the Gooden's, are still planning to join the ministry in Kitgum.  Although they had wanted to be in Kitgum by November, the Lord continues to open doors for them to share at various fellowships in/around New York.  Please continue to lift this family up in prayer.


The Towers Family said...

Thank you for sharing and updating! We pray for you often.

Jenay said...

Wow!! Praying for your family!!!

Curly Headed Family said...

Lord willing, we're still planning a late November departure. Our Lord is faithful. Waiting in prayer with your family... anticipating the release of these precious children.