Saturday, May 19, 2012

Prayer {updated} with a birthday blessing.

Would you join us in prayer.

Giardia.  Has.  Reared.  Its.  Ugly.  Head.  
Please pray for complete healing.  The medication keeps me {Summer} in bed most of the day, and its a five day treatment.  This sets back my GI healing quite a bit.  Pray that probiotics, fresh papaya and rest will do a miracle.  Going to America could not be in better timing.  I will be able to get more herbs/vitamins and have access to extra nutrients.

A.  Tentative. Court.  Date.
We met with the lawyer yesterday {a miserable trip with my current state}.  We will go back next week to sing affidavits!  And a court date in or around August 15th is in the horizon.  Would you please join us in prayer as the lawyer wants 70% of the total cost at the time of signing.  Although she is giving us a huge discount, it still is a stretch in faith.  The Lord has provided $500 so far---we need another $500 by next week.

Bitter.  Sweet.
Like I mentioned above, I am heading to Oregon in just a few weeks.  It has been two years since I have seen my family.  Its bitter sweet.  I will be leaving eleven little ones behind.  Zane and Brianna {pictured below} will remain, but....I am the Mama.  Please pray for the children, they each react so differently when I am away, even for a day, from anger to fear/insecurity.

Building.  It.  Up.
The Lord is providing, all in His best timing, the funds to continue to build up the ministry base here in Kitgum.  On average, we are able to employ at least five men each week, which means we are helping meet the physical needs of five families.  Please pray that we would be faithful stewards, both monetarily and spiritually {as an example}.

A.  Neat.  Team.
We are so blessed to be hand-picked by the Lord to minister together.  We often talk about what a neat team we have!  Please lift us up {Zane, myself and the kids, Brianna, Therese and Ryan} as together we reach out to Northern Uganda with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

A.  Happy.  Birthday.  To.  Ephraim.
We are so thankful when the Lord gave us our son Ephraim.  The son he promised us long before we were able to bring him home.  Today we celebrated his 8th birthday.  We love you.  Please pray that Ephraim would continue to grow in the wisdom and knowledge of the Lord.

We.  Are.  Grateful.
For your prayers, giving, love, support, encouragement & emails.


JG said...

Agreeing with you in prayer on all of these.

Shonni said...

I am so sorry that you are sick.
I will be praying for you all!

BETHANY said...

I'm so glad you're going to get some rest in Oregon. Praying that everything goes smoothly for your family while you're gone.

Anonymous said...

Summer: certainly agreeing with you in prayer and supplication. LOVE you folks. I am going to 200. towards the adoption process. blessings to you and Zane.

In Christ's Love,
David and Louise

His Hands His Feet Today said...


Buxtons said...

Praying for your good health Summer, and for the Lord's covering on your upcoming trip!

Buxtons said...

Praying for good health for you Summer, and for the Lord's complete covering on your upcoming trip home!

sasha parker said...

Praying for you and your sweet family!

Gary and Michelle said...

Praying that the Lord will bring you healing

Gary and Michelle said...

Praying for you in all of those issues.

Brit said...

Summer, we will continue to pray for your trip and for your family while you are in the states. Oregon is warm and beautiful right now. Praying it will be a time of rest and healing for you...

Amanda said...

First, I sure do like your new cover picture...sweet faces!!

ALL your prayer requests are on my heart and lips.

Your health is huge, I sure hope the medicine helps and you can regain strength in Oregon!!

Your little ones are in wonderful hands and they will be ok. You will return rested and with a renewed spirit!

Praying for the adoption! You and Zane are such a huge blessing in the lives of your children.

Blessings Friend,

JesusLovesMe said...