Thursday, January 26, 2012

"What I doing you do not understand now...

but you will know after this." John 13:7

What a comforting verse the Lord led me to this morning.

Praying for protection over my amazing little tribe while I am away.

Wisdom and insight for the doctor.

No side effects from being put to sleep--I have had bad reactions in the past.

Answers...that we might know what had been causing so many problems with my body and specifically my GI system.

Heading to the hospital in 30 minutes
To minister to a friend who flew to Nairobi with me--they are missionaries among the K-Jong people of north eastern Uganda. Her son has been very sick
And is scheduled for an MRI sometime today.

Excuse the poor grammar/format as typing on an iPhone is not easy with blogger!


no- body said...

What a good shepherd, that worries about her flock / tribe when she herself is ill. Many are praying before God this day, for this person who is laying sacrifice at the feet of God in her daily work and in the name of our Good Shepherd, Christ Jesus.


"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Lifting you up in prayer!!!!
As well as the other family! I think I know who they are.

no- body said...

How is Summer?