Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Still waiting for the "after this."

Well, some people say no news is good news. I am not sure that I would always agree!

After a colonoscopy/endoscopy, 40 blood tests and an MRI, we are still no closer to a diagnosis (unless you count "severe IBS"). Biopsy results will be ready next week, but the doctor did not sound like she expected anything significant. All the while, I am trying to make sense of living with a chronic undisclosed condition that loves to rear it's ugly head way too often!

I am going to meet with a nutritionist tomorrow morning--in hopes that I can figure out a solution for my overly thin frame (I believe I now weigh what I did at 13).

Please keep praying if the Lord would so lead you. One woman asked me if I thought this was a spiritual attack--it could be, if I let it.

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