Monday, November 7, 2011

A puppet show and a birthday party!

A few weeks ago the children spent all morning making "puppets' out of paper and straws.  Then, after lunch, the adults enjoyed a wonderful production.

Elizabeth reading "Go Dog Go" to Eden.

 Last month Elijah turned 9.  We took all the children, plus two of our staff, to a local restaurant for fried pork and chips.  We were so proud of the children, who waited nearly 1 1/2 hours for their food, which arrived well after dark {on a night when there was no power}.
 Eryn and Bev
 Joyce and Nancy
 Ethan and Eli
 Enoch and Eston
 The birthday boy-Elijah!

 Patience and Elizabeth
The entire party, before the sun set.


"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Love celebrating life!!! Happy Birthday!!! Thank you for more pics of your beautiful family. Praying for God to continue to move in powerful ways!!!!!

Mama Jocelyn said...

They are amazing... each and every one! I love the witness that children can be taught how to behave {well} and can be jewels in the crowns of their parents. You are doing a wonderful job bringing them up to be who they were created to be.. BRAVO!

Amanda said...

LOVED the pictures of your beautiful family and friends!! What a blessing to be able to celebrate such a wonderful life!

God is good:)


KI said...

Good times! Praying for you lots over here!