Thursday, October 6, 2011

Update on Summer!

Thank you all for lifting Summer up in prayer.

After a loooong two weeks in Nairobi--a battery of blood tests, a CT scan, numerous consultations, a bout with malaria and food poisoning,  Summer is home!

The conclusions...

Summer  has autoimmune thyroid disease.  She has been on thyroid replacement for years, but a simple blood test finally revealed the link to her poor immune system.  Please pray for Summer's immune system, that the Lord would give her wisdom on how to better care for her body.

It was also discovered that Summer's pancreas is not functioning properly.  The doctor is calling it pancreatic insufficiency, and has prescribed an enzyme called Creon.  Please pray that Summer's body would adjust to this new drug.

As for the endometriosis.  The doctor has asked Summer to control the pain as best she can {holding off on laproscopy as long as possible}.  At this point there is a definite cycle to her pain--coming every third month.  Please pray for strength during those difficult and often debilitating times.

In all of this we have seen the faithfulness of God; from His overwhelming provisions to His protection of our family.  And even though we know that He is able to heal Summer completely, we also know that He will give her all the grace needed to endure.

P.S. Summer will be returning to Kenya on the 25th of this month {Lord willing for less than a week}. The doctor would like to follow up with Summer's pancreas issues and has ordered an MRI.  Please pray for her as she very much dislikes being away from the children/home.



Shonni said...

I am so sorry and will be praying for ya’ll, and especially Summer.

laurad said...

Glad to hear Summer is home, now. We'll be in prayer for her. Hugs.

Gary and Michelle said...

We will continue to pray for you all

Destiny said...

will be praying for you all this next week as Summer heads to Kenya again. Love you guys!

Michelle A said...

Sorry to hear of Summer's medical problems, but glad they were able to pinpoint some things so at least you know what you're dealing with. Praying for wisdom for the dr.'s and for Summer as she moves forward. Also for peace for all of you and healing!