Friday, August 26, 2011

Prayer requests & Eryn turns 9!

This is the most recent prayer watch we sent out:

Our first born daughter, Eryn Grace.  Born on August 10th, in Ashland Oregon, exactly two weeks before our one year anniversary--which we celebrated yesterday over fried pork and chips! Eryn is such a delight to our family.  She is outgoing, helpful and kind.  Just this week she joined me on a trip to the local orphanage, by far her favorite thing to do.  Within minutes she was pumping water at the bore hole and filling up basins to bathe the babies.  As we left she asked me, “Mama, can we do this every week!”  Zane and I believe out of all of our children Eryn will be the most likely to remain in Africa throughout her life, caring for orphans/children we suspect.  Please pray for Eryn.  That she will continue to grow closer to the Lord and delight more and more in His ways.

Would you please also join us in praying for the Lotodore fellowship, specifically the children’s school that meets every Monday morning.  The children are being taught how to read and write using the Word of God.  Last week over sixty children took part.  Please pray for their little hearts, that from this young age they would be inclined towards the things of God.  Also, pray for the teachers, that they would be filled with wisdom to teach and overflow with love for the children.

The harvest season has started.  Our pantry is full of millet and peanuts.  The papaya trees are bearing under the weight of huge fruits.  Please praise the Lord with us as we have seen Him bless our first year farming efforts.   Please also pray that we would use every opportunity to share the gospel, especially with the woman who are hired to weed.

We are so very thankful for your ongoing prayers/support.

“I appeal to you brothers, by our Lord Jesus Christ and by the love of the Spirit, to strive together with me in prayers to God on my behalf.”  Romans 15:30


Abbie said...

Happy Birthday Eryn!

laurad said...

Happy Birthday Eryn!

It's so exciting to hear of your plentiful harvest. Praying.

BETHANY said...

How is it possible that our kids are getting so old?! :)

Amanda said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet Eryn!! A child after God's own heart!! What a beautiful spirit (which is obviously nutured by her momma and daddy!!).

I am sure God has BIG plans for your daughter:)

Blessings from Tennessee:)